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Frequently Asked Questions about Engagement Rings

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Rings

The engagement rings express the feelings of eternal love in the physical world. A diamond engagement ring symbolizes all the emotions and feelings that surround your story. What responsibility for an engagement ring!! It is the symbol of your love…

But wanting to give a jewel so important and with such a valuable meaning raises doubts and questions (like everything we want to do well). What will be the ideal engagement ring? How can I know what shape or color it should be? Where can I start…?

Not! Smile, calm down, you have already arrived where you had to go. You have just made a very important choice, and that has led you to navigate a sea of engagement rings: Diamond Rings, Solitaire Ring, Vintage Engagement Ring, Gemstone Engagement Rings all kinds of Engagement Rings on we have the best collection.

We have created this guide to explain and help you with each of the questions that you may come across when you start on the journey in search of the ideal engagement ring. All these questions are the “top most asked questions” that guys like you who were in the same situation have asked us.

How Exciting! You are going to ask THE QUESTION! Of course, that includes a beautiful diamond engagement ring! What kind of ring suits the lucky one? And where does your search for the engagement ring start? We will try to answer some frequently asked questions below.

What is the Meaning of the Shape of an Engagement Ring?

There are three values ​​that an engagement ring conveys. An engagement ring wants to signify union that is why an engagement ring is united and circular, without any breakage. A forged thread that cannot be split or broken through any slit, all in one piece.

Metals like White Gold reflect the nobility of sentiment and give it the value it deserves. Yellow Gold is a noble, hard, and highly valued metal that lasts and shines.

The diamonds, a symbol of eternity that will ensure your love. The diamond is the hardest stone, not spent nor scratched, always retains its shape and brightness, as it will be your relationship.

How are an Engagement Ring and an Engagement Ring different?

The fundamental difference between an engagement ring and an engagement ring lies in the occasion on which each of them is given as a gift, as well as in the order of presentation. Normally, the engagement ring goes first and the engagement ring second.

What is the Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is the one that is given at the same time that you ask your partner the big question: “Do you want to marry me?

Tradition dictates that a solitaire be chosen with a central gemstone (usually a diamond), in white gold or platinum so that it does not compete with the brilliance of the main gem. However, some rules are to be broken, and some grooms prefer other designs that better fit the tastes of their future fiancé / a.

What is the Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is given at the request for a hand, a formal act in which the intention to marry is made official before the families of the betrothed.

According to the uses and customs, the groom gives the bride this ring, which will be more discreet than the one requested, and it corresponds to another present. For example, with a watch.

Both the engagement ring and the engagement ring are placed on the ring finger.

In Which Hand do the Engagement Rings go?

Yes, the order engagement ring is usually put on the ring finger of the left hand. However, there are no official rules for this which figure does wear the ring. So pick the hand where you prefer the ring. For instance, are you right handed? Then if you are smart to do the ring on the left hand. You then have less chance of damage because you do this handless.

In the USA, UK, and other countries, most couples wear the engagement ring on the right and the wedding ring on the left hand. So the engagement ring changes hands as soon as you become married. You can also combine the two rings. However, the appearance of the engagement ring is relatively recent. The price of this diamond depends on various factors: the size, size, and color of the stones, as well as the metal used.

How long does it take for the ring to be ready?

As all rings are manufactured to the unique specifications of each of our customers, they are manufactured with due care and quality; it takes approximately 20 – 30 business days to deliver.

Our Diamond Engagement Rings can take 15-30 business days.

Are there types of Engagement Rings?

Yes, an engagement ring can come in very popular and several special shapes and designs, but the two dominant shapes are the “ENGAGEMENT SOLITAIRE” and the “VINTAGE ENGAGEMENT RINGS” or “HALO ENGAGEMENT RING”. The solitaire engagement ring is a 10k gold (usually white gold) engagement ring with a diamond (which is usually round or brilliant cut). The diamond ring is also an 18k gold arm, but not only does it have one diamond, but it also has several, throughout the entire engagement ring. Diamonds can be of very different sizes, carat, or even special cuts, such as princess cut diamonds or pear cut diamonds, and much more.

Is an Engagement Ring always White Gold with diamonds?

There are no set rules. Choose the color gold that looks best. What does your partner wear a lot now? That’s a good indicator. We at Gemistone Jewelers make rings in 3 colors of gold; white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Often a diamond is chosen. This can also be done in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Read more about diamonds here. Of course, you can also choose other gemstones, such as Red Ruby, Sapphire, Black Diamond, Green Emerald, Aquamarine, and Pink diamonds.

In addition, a beautiful piece of jewelry can be made to your liking and custom. We sit down to discuss your wishes and possibilities. With expertise and enthusiasm, we help you choose so that the final jewelry completely suits you as a wearer.

I want to propose to my girlfriend, but I don’t know which style to choose, can you help?

Visit here online store, Gemistone Jewelers, we are happy to help you! We have different styles in our handmade collection, from refined to outspoken, from frivolous to a modern classic, from natural shapes to clean lines. Think wonderfully of the taste of your loved one, what makes her shine?

Send mail to [email protected] or send information on what you want and we can share with you all kinds of options to come to a unique design together.

How do I know what her perfect ring size is?

Measuring another ring, which is worn on the ring finger, is always handy. This can be done by bringing it with you or by measuring the inner diameter (in mm).

If this cannot be done without being noticed, having the engagement ring manufactured by us in average size is a good start. Does the ring not fit properly? Afterward, you can come back together to have this ring custom made for free.

What is the budget for an engagement rings?

What can and do you want to spend on it? One says 1, the other 3 monthly salaries, but especially looks at your sweetheart. Is he waiting for a diamond or will a modest ring with a fine sparkle look best? It’s mainly about what makes her shine. And a ring, selected with love and attention is the most important.

Do you also want to propose to her with the Perfect Ring? Customize Own Design!

Elegant, classic, outspoken, timeless, bohemian, cheerful, and sleekly designed engagement rings; you will find it all in our collection from our own Online Gemistone Jewelers store. Prefer a personal ring? Have an engagement ring designed especially for her in our refined and slightly nostalgic style.

Create your customized engagement diamond ring design and we will work with enthusiasm to manufacture the perfect engagement ring for you.

What does an Engagement Rings price?

The cost of an engagement ring varies widely. From a few hundred dollars to $1500, – dollar. Most importantly, it’s not about the value of money. Think about the emotional value that the engagement ring carries and how your partner finds the ring.

Does the ring match your love for each other and the other jewelry he or she is wearing? You can often buy an engagement ring for $250. Do you find it difficult or are you afraid she won’t like it? Ask a friend of your partner to come to visit our online jewelry shop or choose the engagement ring together after the proposal. You can use a different ring during the proposal.

Do you sell engagement rings for men?

Yes, we do. Our men’s engagement rings are handcrafted and set with an elegant center round diamond or multiple diamonds for subtle elegance. Choose your setting, metal and diamond or gemstone to create an engagement ring that is a symbol that reflects your love.

If you have any specific questions, please write us an email at [email protected]

How to Measure Your Ring Size Perfectly at Home?

For full Information about ring size measurement at home click here; Ring Size Measurements

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