Hip Hop Chains

Chains are yet another bling to add to your jewelry collection. If you are looking for something unique, we have some great styles like the Moissanite tennis chain, Moissanite Cuban link, and more to add confidence to your look. Get the best of chains from our collection online now. You can also add your personalization to our chains to give them your personal touch or use them as a stylish gift for your friends. You can browse our wide range of collections and get yours at Gemistone online.

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8mm Diamond Round and Baguette Tennis Necklace


20mm Two Tone Diamond Studded Moissanite Cuban Link Iced Out Baguette Chain


13mm Iced Out Baguette and Round Cut Moissanite Heart Cuban Link Necklace Chain


Unique Iced Moissanite Diamond Serpenti Necklace


Iced Out Rectangle Moissanite Link Round and Baguette Diamond Necklace


15mm Diamond Studded Cuban Link Mens Moissanite Chain


Round Cut Moissanite 5mm Tennis Chain


12mm Miami Cuban Link VVS Diamond Chain Mens


VVS Diamond Iced Out Miami Link 14mm Cuban Chain


12mm Iced Out Moissanite Chains/Necklaces


10mm Cluster Diamond Ball Chain | Beaded Ball Chain Necklace


20mm Iced Out Baguette Cut Moissanite Miami Cuban Link Chain


Hip Hop chains
How To Rock Your Hip Hop Chains?

Many of our customers who love our chains, usually buy more than one. It is very common to layer up your chains and add to your bling. At the same time, you must know how exactly to layer up your chains. You should choose your chains based on their thickness, length, size, etc so that you can show all your chains at the same time even after layering. Another thing to note is to match your chains with your wardrobe for the day. Your clothing style will have a considerable impact on highlighting your hip-hop chains.


There can be 5 types of chains used for chain surveying. They are the metric chain, Gunter’s chain, engineer’s chain, revenue chain and steel band or band chain.

We have many kinds of chains such as Cuban Link Chain, Tennis Chain, Ball Chain, Box Chain, Cable Chain, Cord Chain, Figaro Chain, Rolo Chain, Rope Chain, Snake Chain, Wheat Chain etc Much More. We can make the chain as you want.

When choosing a necklace, it’s important to know your neck size so that your necklace lays in the position you would like. Every neck is different, on an average woman a 16 inch necklace may sit perfectly at the collarbone, yet a larger neck this may become a collar styled necklace, or a smaller neck this may become a princess styled necklace.
Take a soft measuring tape and wrap it closely around your neck. Hold the tape closely against your neck, not tight nor loose. When you have noted down your neck size, if for example the measurement is 14 inches, add on two inches (one necklace size) to find the smallest necklace length you can wear comfortably. You can then gauge the other styles from your ‘base’ size.

Necklaces range in size from trendy choker-like styles that measure at 14 inches, traditional, elegant pendants that rest at the average 18 inches, while many strand styles and men’s necklaces reach 30 inches and beyond. A 20in chain is the most common length for men, falling right beneath the collarbone. Necklaces generally range in length from 14 inches to 36 inches.

A Cuban Link chain has the most common design among chains, which is made from a series of interconnected uniform flat links. It’s one of the top choices when it comes to Chain. Heavy and sturdy curb chains are popular among men while the smaller and thinner curb chains with pendants are more popular among women.

We have tennis chains in three varieties that include prong, channel, or bezel. Each style is used to securely hold the diamond. It also gives a unique look to the chain.

Yes, we have different mm stones. Like 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ect… Tennis chain we can be made with any size stone you want.

Yes, we have different mm Size Cuban Chain. Like 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 14mm etc. Cuban Link chain we can be made with any size you want.

Yes, we can make the chain in any design you require.

We make both plain chain and full iced out chain. We can make any kind of chain as per your requirement.

We use different types of Locks/Clasps. Such as spring ring, lobster claw, bayonet, open box, figure & safety, toggle, s-hook, magnetic, pearl, bracelet catch, etc. We will give you the type of lock you want to put in the chain.

Yes, we do engraving on the chain. We can get whatever engraving you desir on the chain at any place. Many of them get chain’s lock engraved.

Yes, we can suggest which chain you should go for. If you send a picture of the pendant, we can tell you how it will look good with your pendant.

Yes, we can make it in white, yellow, and rose in whatever tone you want. We can make it in whatever tone you want.

Yes, we can make any pendant and chain combo but we will calculate the price of pendant and chain separately.

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