Create your Own Diamond Jewelry With Gemistone

Our Labors are Available 24/7 to Offer the Outdo Service to our Customers. If you would like to talk to about your request and your queries, please contact our team via chat, call or email.

Own Customization Process Steps

Step 1

Quote Request


Fill in the form to request a quote on your custom design ideas, options, affordable budget, valuable metal, accurate ring size - It is your guide to the custom experience.



Step 2

Concept Design


Our jewelry artists will take your ideas, drawings and images, and work together with you to build a design concept.



Step 3

CAD Model


Once your design idea has been finalized and a purchase placed, we will create a computerized model which represents multi-angled renderings of your piece.


We will share your high-resolution model images with you and we’ll adjust every detail until you tell us it’s perfect.



Step 4

Final Approval


Once your last approval, our production crew will add your design in the recycled valuable metal of your preference. Your superbly finished piece is then completely examined by our Quality Assurance team and sent in our distinctive packaging.


Receive your custom Designer Jewelry piece, with the faith, it’s been made to wear and endure a lifetime.


Our Designers Or artisans will reach you as soon as we have Processed your Design request.

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Our purpose is to offer a custom design service that places you in the handle and gives you a stunning, unique ring that will last an endurance. At Gemistone, you can customize many of our hand-crafted rings, Earrings and Bracelets with gemstones, diamonds or metal options to design Fine Jewelry that is excellent for your different personality.

From your design specialists and artists to our team of gemologists and our skilled jewelers, your design is managed with the highest correctness, care, and understanding. The jewelry you wear is an explanation of your personality, desires, and lifestyle. While planning a custom-designed item may seem unbelievable, we are felt at analysing the process and creating even complex designs available. Look at Gemistone’s Process Steps of Customization Service.

Custom Design Request