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Diamond: The Birthstone Of April Month

Diamond Birthstone of April Month

What is April Birthstone?

Diamond, the queen of gemstones, represents eternal love. The white diamond is the birthstone of April Month. This means that for everyone born in April, the stone has an extra powerful impact. The diamond is undoubtedly the most famous gemstone and choosing it is not always an easy task.

You are probably wondering what the different barbaric acronyms that are HSI or GVS mean. How do recognize a diamond’s quality? And how do you know if the one you have chosen is the “right one”?

Don’t worry, in this guide, we deliver all the secrets of the queen of precious stones! But before that, let’s back up a bit.

History Of Diamond Birthstone

History of Diamond Birthstone

The first diamonds were discovered in India around 3,000 years ago. Since then, deposits have been discovers all over the planet – the largest being located in the remains of volcanic eruption columns, in a rock called ‘kimberlite’.

It is estimats that very few diamonds make it to the Earth’s surface and only 0.1% of them will weigh more than one carat when cut.

Since 1725, when India was first dethroned from its position as the world’s leading diamond producer, several countries have stolen the limelight: first Brazil, then South Africa, Botswana, and lately, Russia. Its name alone is eloquent: it comes from the ancient Greek Adamas, which means unalterable, unbreakable, pure.

The Diamond Birthstone Story:

Arguably the most mythical and powerful of all gemstones and birthstones, the diamond originates primarily from Africa (Congo, Botswana, South Africa), but also Russia or Australia. It has been sought after for centuries for its unparalleled brilliance, but also its incomparable hardness. Indeed, a diamond cannot be scratched by any stone, except by another diamond.

It represents the ultimate step (10) on the Mohs scale, which assesses the hardness of minerals. Diamonds are almost exclusively worked in the greatest places of jewelry in the world: Antwerp, Tel-Aviv, and Indian Gujarat.

What is the Diamond Birthstone Meaning?

You must have read the sentence or heard the song “Diamonds are girl´s best friend”. The song made famous by Marilyn Monroe can well illustrate the importance of the diamond. Diamond has always had and still has great symbolic significance. 

Diamond Birthstone are bought precisely because of their status. They are expensive and luxurious gifts. A diamond is thought to tell about eternal and enduring love. Which is why a diamond is very common in engagement and wedding rings and is also considers a romantic gift, e.g. diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are common gifts for a loved one. 

In jewelry, the weight of a diamond is often expressed in carats, which is abbreviated ct. The diamonds are weighed on a diamond scale and only the Loose Diamond is weighed on it. The higher the carat value, the larger the diamond.

The Main Characteristics of the Diamond Birthstone

Made up of 99% carbon, diamonds are true gems of nature, dating back approximately 3.3 billion years.

Why is this stone so exceptional?

  1. First, it is the Hardest Natural Mineral

At 10/10 on the Mohs scale – the reference hardness scale – the diamond is the hardest stone on our planet. For comparison, a copper blade is 3/10, steel 5.5/10, and tempered steel 6.4/10.

Only another diamond can scratch a diamond! This does not mean that it is unbreakable… But we will come back to this point in detail a little further down 🙂

  1. Diamond has a Very High thermal Conductivity

The thermal conductivity of diamond is the highest for a known solid. It conducts heat better than silver or even copper! A diamond birthstone pan would be very efficient 😉

These two great characteristics make diamond a mineral widely used in industry. It is uses in particular as an abrasive for drilling, cutting, or polishing equipment. Finally, its extreme hardness makes it possible to equip tools like circular blades… but let’s be honest, at Gemistone Jewelers; we prefer to use them to adorn jewelry.

The first element of the answer comes from the fact that it is a mineral that has a very high refractive index. It is even the highest there is for crystals.

This unique characteristic means that the light has a great facility to propagate in the stone, which gives the diamond its incomparable brilliance.

Beyond this characteristic, the diamond birthstone is also famous for its quality. What defines this quality? This is what we are going to see now.

The Quality of a Diamond: the Essential 4 Cs

To determine and define the quality of a diamond, a universal method is used. We are talking about the 4 C method, developed by the Gemological Institute of America – GIA – in 1931.

Diamond 4C'S Diamonds

4 C’s Of Diamond Birthstone

1. Carat

The first C is for carat which corresponds to the measurement of the weight of the stone.

Isn’t the term carat also uses for the quality of precious metals? Yes, it’s true, but it does not mean the same thing: Don’t confuse them!

For a stone, the term carat equals the measurement of its mass/weight. The reference being 1 carat = 0.20 grams.

For a metal, the carat equals a unit of measurement of the purity of precious metals such as gold. This is the term we use to talk about the quality of the metal, such as 18k gold, for example.

If we come back to diamonds, this first C of a carat is particularly important since it will be largely responsible for its price. Indeed, the price of the diamond is exponential according to its weight, and therefore, the more its caratage is important, the more its price is high.

Concretely, a difference – even a tiny one – of 0.2 or 0.3 carats between two stones can considerably increase the price of a diamond jewel!

Example of 1 Cara Diamond Stud Earrings

2. Color

The less color a diamond birthstone has, the closer it is to pure white, and the better its quality.

You are certainly wondering: “how can we measure this notion?”

The diamond industry uses a color scale to classify diamonds by quality. The scale extends from D to Z. Here are some examples:

  • The D corresponds to Exceptional White, that is to say, the purest white for a diamond.
  • The E corresponds to Exceptional white.
  • The G corresponds to Extra white.
  • The H stands for neutral white.
  • From M to Z corresponds to tinted, pale yellow.

This evaluation of the color of a diamond compares to the first letter that you find in the famous three letters that define a diamond as GVS, HSI, or DIF.

At Gemistone Jewelers, we offer you the highest colors directly in our catalog, i.e. D, G, and H.

Know that white is not the only color for a diamond birthstone.

There are a lot of varieties of diamonds: yellow, champagne, blue, or even red – the rarest color. These diamonds are then called “fancy”. They can be particularly sought after; as proof, the famous Pink Star diamond, the most expensive diamond in history to date, is not white but pink 🙂

To know which quality of diamond to choose, do not hesitate to consult our guide on How to choose your engagement ring which explains this subject in detail 🙂

3. Cut (size)

The cut or size of a diamond birthstone corresponds to its faceting, that is to say, the size of its facets.

Let’s say it right away; this process is key for the final beauty of the stone because it is the faceting that will reveal the brilliance of the stone.

How is the cut of a diamond rated?

The cut of a diamond is measuring by what is called the cut grade corresponding to Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, or Poor.

At Gemistone, to guarantee you an exceptional shine, we only offer diamonds with an Excellent or Very Good cut, the highest available.

Be careful, good or even Fair cuts will not allow the diamond to fully express its brilliance at all!

Did you know?

There is a multitude of cutting techniques to give various and varied shapes to a diamond such as a pear, heart, oval, or princess shape. The round cut is called a “brilliant” cut because, with 57 facets. It is considers the benchmark in terms of symmetry and is known to maximize the brilliance of a diamond.

4. Clarity (purity)

Clarity (for purity) represents the presence of inclusions in the stone. The fewer inclusions a diamond birthstone has, the purer it is called.

What is inclusion? An inclusion corresponds to the presence of a foreign body which slipped into the stone at the time of its formation. This process is completely normal for a natural stone, it is even a sign that proves that it is not a synthetic stone made in the laboratory 🙂

Like color, purity is measures using a scale from FL to P2. Here are some examples:

  • FL for Flawless means no internal or external defects visible under a magnifying glass with x10 magnification.
  • IF for Internally Flawless for the absence of visible inclusion under a 10x magnifying glass.
  • VS1 and VS2 for Very Slightly included designating inclusions that are difficult to see with a 10x magnifying glass.
  • SI1 and SI2 for Slightly included to designate inclusions visible under a 10x magnifying glass but invisible to the naked eye.
  • P2 means that inclusions are visible to the naked eye.

This evaluation of the purity of a diamond corresponds to the last two letters that you find on the quality of a diamond such as the GVS or even HSI.

The 4 Cs, therefore, designate the Color, the quality of the faceting with the Cut, the purity called Clarity. And finally the weight of the diamond called Carat: all the characteristics necessary to define its quality 🙂

A 5th C?

In recent years, an unofficial 5th C has been emerging in the world of diamond dealers for Certification!

The diamond is a very standardizing stone because it is extremely traded. Its rarity makes it the most coveted gemstone and organizations are responsible for controlling this market.

Thus a diamond is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which takes up in detail the 4 Cs that we have just mentioned!

Who are the Famous People who have Birthdays in April?

  • David Oyelowo – Born April 1, 1976
  • Michael Fassbender – Born April 2, 1977
  • Eddie Murphy – Born April 3, 1962
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Born April 4, 1965
  • Paul Rudd – Born April 6, 1969
  • Jackie Chan – Born April 7, 1954
  • Kristen Stewart – Born April 9, 1990
  • Mandy Moore – Born April 10, 1984
  • Adrien Brody – Born April 14, 1973
  • Emma Watson – Born April 15, 1990
  • Martin Lawrence – Born 16, 165
  • Jennifer Garner – Born 17, 1972
  • Kate Hudson – Born April 19, 1979
  • Queen Elizabeth II – Born April 21, 1926
  • John Cena – Born April 23, 1977
  • Adolf Hitler – Born April 20, 1889
  • Lizzo – Born April 27, 1988
  • Jessica Alba – Born April 28, 1981
  • Gal Gadot – Born April 30, 1985


Diamond Birthstone is uses to protecting against disease; it protects against nightmares and helps with depression. Diamond is also believes to help mothers in childbirth.

The diamond gives fearlessness and courage. It reduces fear and cleanses mental and emotional pain. Diamond encourages creativity, imagination, and ingenuity.

Birthstone Necklace


Shop Now 1 Carat Diamond April Birthstone Necklace at Gemistone

Did You know the Diamond birthstone is the perfect for you? Carry it with you at all times as a piece of jewelry! At Gemistone, our birthstone jewelry includes a april birthstone necklace, a birthstone pendant, and a birthstone ring. So also with the element of the diamond! Which birthstone jewelry do you choose?

The Color that belongs to the Month of April

Many people believe that white is not a color. However, color experts associate a lot of properties with the color. You can buy a diamond in several colors, but the white, clear or transparent variants fit best with the month of birth of April. This color has to do with purity, virginity and religion. White traditionally belongs to weddings, where the black color is used more at funerals. Yet it is nowadays a trend to, for example, have a funeral with the theme of white.

Most Frequently Asked Question Of Diamonds: 

What are the Healing Properties of Diamond?

It is also worth noting the pronounced healing properties of the stone. It is believs that the diamond gives a full-fledged healthy sleep, relieves a person from fever. And helps in the treatment of mental illness, including senile sclerosis and insanity. Some therapists use diamonds as an additional way to get rid of skin and stomach problems.

The precious stone is credited with properties to strengthen the human immune system and improve the functioning of the nervous system, lungs, cardiovascular system, and respiratory tract. Wearing a green diamond birthstone can be quite auspicious for women. It helps with problems with conceiving and bearing a child and also facilitates the process of childbirth. In addition, happy owners of diamond jewelry age much more slowly.

The lucky ones born in April are represents by this popular stone. After all, every woman (and man) loves diamonds!

Healing Properties of Diamond Birthstone

What is the Power of a Diamond Birthstone?

Protecting from evil influence and the evil eye, the power of a diamond protects and grants good luck, health, love, and success. The ancient Greeks were sure that stones sacrifices to the gods would help gain their favor. Also, the magical properties of diamonds free from fears and suspicions, reflect the energy of ill-wishers, giving courage and courage to their owner.

Indians and Iranians have a custom – for a child to live safely and happily, naming him with a name, you need to sprinkle a pinch of diamond dust on his head.

Arabic written sources claimed that the victory in the battle will be on the side that has the largest stone. Invincibility in battle and firmness of spirit promises a diamond to its owner.

What are the Zodiac Signs of people born in April?

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Aries Zodiac Signs

  • The zodiac sign Aries is associats with Two Stones: the Bloodstone and the Diamond.
  • Jasper is the planetary stone for Aries.
  • Topaz is the Aries talisman stone.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Taurus Zodiac Signs

  • The zodiac sign Taurus is associating with six stones: sapphire, amber, coral, emerald, rose quartz, and turquoise.
  • Adventuring and emerald are Taurus’ planetary stones.
  • The talisman stone for Taurus is the pomegranate.

Did you know the Most Famous Diamonds in the World?

  • “Orlov” (located in the 17th century in India) – the original weight of 300 carats.
  • “Cullinan” (1905, South Africa) – 3106 carats.
  • “Koh-i-Noor” (South India) – 800 carats.
  • “Big Star of Africa” ​​- 530 carats.
  • “Small Star of Africa” ​​- 317 carats.
  • “Great Mogul” (17th century, India) – 787 carats.
  • “Derianur” (India, 14th century) – 182 carats
  • “Pitt” or Regent’s diamond (1701, India) – 140 carats and multiple others.
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