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Black Diamond Engagement Rings: The Dream of Men and Women

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - The Dream Of Men and Women

Origin of the Black Diamonds:-

The Black Diamond is a fascinating color variant of the diamond, which owes this deep black tint to its polycrystalline structure. Based on its black color, the naturally occurring black diamond is called “carbonado”. In terms of hardness and rarity, it even surpasses conventional white diamonds, which makes it correspondingly more expensive and more complex to work with.  Many people make this black gemstone a black diamond engagement rings.

Most of the black diamonds are available on the jewelry market today their color through radiation or other treatments. Because of its beauty, which results from its deep and strong black color, this diamond enjoys great popularity. The origin of the black diamond is still unclear, which gives it an additional mysterious atmosphere. This is further reinforced by theories that it is not of earthly origin but only came to earth through a meteorite.

Alternative to the Carbonado

A black diamond is not always a real gemstone found in this shade. There is also the option of coloring a diamond so that it turns black. For this purpose, diamonds are often used, which have numerous inclusions and are therefore not that pure. Diamonds that are very light or not very beautiful in color can also be colored. Black gemstones are very fashionable these days and are therefore often used in jewelry.

In addition to having an exclusive value, this black diamond engagement rings also has beauty and privilege that you should know. Here are the advantages of a black diamond engagement rings. A simple ring is good, but the black diamond is perfect for adding something to “your personality”!

What is the meaning of Black Diamonds Engagement Rings?

What is the Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Today wearing black diamond rings means beyond all that the wearer is trendy! It is mostly the preferred stone as Engagement Ring. With a black diamond engagement rings on your finger, you will get a lot of looks and underline your individuality.

Rings are among the most popular pieces of jewelry worldwide. Due to its round shape, the ring stands as a symbol of infinity. But they are not only worn as a sign of solidarity in marriage or engagement, they have also become a real statement.

Wedding rings, engagement rings, and friendship rings express very great feelings, while jewelry rings are worn for the joy of beautiful jewelry. Even without a wedding, couple rings have their meaning. Most of the rings are still in the classic yellow gold, rose gold, or silver. But many jewelry lovers are looking for something special – the extraordinary. Rings in black may take some getting used to, but on closer inspection, they become a real highlight on the finger.

The Advantages of a Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Has a Classy and Elegant Impression

Black Diamond Engagement Rings not only have a hard texture and can reflect light strongly, but they also have extraordinary beauty and uniqueness. The beauty of black diamonds is undeniable because this gemstone has been used by nobles since ancient times until now.

Even today, many famous artists and rich people also wear diamonds as accessories in the form of rings. Black diamonds give an impression that is synonymous with elegance, luxury, and class. The Black Diamond Engagement Ring is also a symbol of beauty, purity, strength, and honor for its users.

Provides a sense of calm and as an emotional therapy

Black diamonds used for rings contain high minerals and are believed to be able to produce vibrations that will center on the sole. The soles of the feet become the nerve center because the soles of the feet have nerve points in curing various diseases in the body.

This black and luminous diamond has a given vibration and will provide calm, fortitude, firmness, and inner peace. In addition, black diamonds can encourage mental growth and are suitable for mental or emotional therapy.

Increase Brain Focus

The presence of black diamond vibrations produced on the soles of the feet will affect the nervous system found in the brain. The vibrations produced will channel it to the brain so that it increases the focus of the brain, especially for worldly affairs.

Minerals and characteristics that are naturally formed from nature provide vibrations and beauty that can provide brain therapy. So it can open and clear the mind. Therefore, black diamond stones can stimulate creativity, intelligence, imagination so that they can improve one’s self-quality.

Become an Investment Item

One of the features of this black diamond ring is that the selling price is quite high and fantastic so that you will be interested in owning this black diamond. Black diamond is a precious metal formed naturally for thousands of years in the bowels of the earth. The price of a black diamond can reach tens of millions per carat, while an average black diamond has a carat value of 202-207 carats. So you can calculate for yourself how much wealth or income you will get from this stone selling this black diamond.

Differences in Diamond Color Characteristics

For those of you who want to buy this diamond ring, this price is the most expensive and fantastic price that a diamond has ever achieved so far. In this world, there are not only black diamond engagement rings but there are types of white diamond rings. However, do you know the difference between a black diamond and a white diamond? Here is an explanation of the 4 characteristics that distinguish black diamonds from white diamonds that you need to know.

Black Diamonds Grading Chart

1. Viewed from the Structure

Black and white diamonds have the same chemical composition, but their constituent structures. Black diamonds have a unique structure so they can absorb light. Therefore, black appears more opaque and not as clear as white diamonds. In addition, black diamonds also have pores while white diamonds do not.

2. Judging by Color

You need to know that black diamonds are not a type of diamond with low color quality. Diamonds with black color are the result of the uniqueness of their constituent structure, so the conventional grading standards commonly used in the composition of white diamonds cannot be applied to black diamonds.

3. Seen from Clarity

Many people think that black diamonds are ordinary diamonds that have a very low level of clarity. In general, the clarity of a diamond can be measured by the number, size, and size of the visible defects inside and outside the diamond.

The black color of black diamonds is not due to a defect, so the clarity assessment commonly used for white diamonds is not useful when applied to black diamonds.

4. Judging from the Price

In general, black diamonds are cheaper than natural white round diamonds. This is because black diamonds on the market were created in a laboratory due to natural black diamonds.

How to know the Authenticity of a Black Diamond

Having a Hard Nature

Diamonds are precious stones that have a hard texture in the bowels of the earth. If your diamond is broken or split when you hit it, it is a fake.

Have Various Colors

Diamonds have a variety of colors, for rare diamonds are diamonds that have pink, yellow, and blue colors. However, don’t be fooled if someone sells a rare diamond but has a color other than that.

Can Scratch Other Things

Real diamonds can scratch other things because real black diamonds are hard. The way to find out is to scratch your diamond on the glass.

Unclear Reflection

To find out if your diamond is real or not, you can put the diamond in the newspaper. If the original, then the writing in the newspaper will not look so clear. Vice versa if it is fake, the writing in the newspaper will be visible.

It is a Gray Reflection

Natural or real diamonds can only give a gray color reflection. If the diamond you have can reflect various colors then the diamond is fake.

Fake Diamonds Float on Water

The authenticity of black diamonds can also be tested by dipping them in water. If the diamond floats then the diamond is fake.

Is a Black Diamond Suitable For an Engagement?

Black Diamonds Ring

In Principle yes! Every stone goes well with the engagement. After all, an engagement ring should be individual. That is why the bride’s taste counts first and foremost. The classic engagement ring with a diamond is no longer a must. It doesn’t always have to be one of the four most valuable stones. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are beautiful, but why not try something different. Rings with other gemstones than the diamond are often worn as a side ring with the wedding ring.

Can the Black Diamond be in the Wedding ring?

Is that also possible? Women who like to wear a two-tone wedding dress that also has black lace will be particularly interested in the black gemstone. Also, other jewelry, e.g. B. a necklace or earrings, with black stones perfectly complements the outfit of the bride in this case. Alternatively, the wedding ring itself can also be designed in black. Gemistone jeweler provides the finest quality Black Diamond Engagement Rings are designed to be passed down for generations to come, crafted by hand in India.

How to Care for Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

How to Care Black Diamonds Rings

Black Diamonds don’t require as much cleaning as colorless or fancy colored diamonds. Their color is “naturally metallic so they will continue to sparkle even with wear. It is create a very unique and eye-catching look when used in earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry. Cleaning your black diamond ring crystals is relatively easy, but care must be taken not to use chemical cleaners or steam that could damage the black finish, ruining your rings or black diamond jewelry.

Like other diamonds and fine jewelry, you should not wear your black diamond engagement rings when you are engaged in practical activities, such as working in the backyard area, gardening, moving furniture, or doing the building. Black diamonds are more sensitive to breakage than regular diamonds. And the last one is dry with a soft cloth and store in a fabric-lined jewelry box.

Where to Buy Black Diamonds Engagement Rings?

Those are some reviews about black diamond engagement rings and their ring models. Hopefully, this explanation can help you to know better about black diamonds and be more careful in buying these black diamonds. A gold ring with black diamonds is of course also suitable as a low-value so, now buy this beautiful Black Diamond Engagement Rings at a very exclusive price on our Online Reliable Store at Gemistone Jewelers. Hope it is useful.

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