Did you know about Black Diamonds?

A Black Diamonds are just as attractive as a white diamonds. And at the same time completely different. That makes black diamonds – also called Carbonado diamonds – idiosyncratic stones. It is mainly found in the Transvaal, the Central African Republic and Brazil. They sparkle beautifully and have the imperishable look that every diamond has. A Wedding Ring set with a black diamond is distinctive and never loses its appeal.

Black diamonds are much harder than white ones. Black diamond comes from meteorites that hit Earth. So from space and not from Earth. But there are also other theories about the origin of black diamond. No one knows for sure how that black rock-hard rock is formed.

The black diamond is not a coloured diamond. Black is no colour.” Black is not a colour, but a black diamond is a black diamond, not dyed, but Gorgeous and very Extraordinary. The extremely rare black diamonds have a completely different origin than ordinary diamonds. Black diamond has become fashionable in cut form in recent years, but they also look dull in the cut version.

The black diamond, also called Carbonado, is a 100% natural diamond. Its dark colour is due to the presence of graphite in the crystal structure during the formation of the stone. Because it is more porous than its colourless variant, the price of this beautiful stone is less high. Dare to wear black! Black diamond’s give your wedding rings a very special look and they are also attractive in price. So come and admire their sparkle in real life.

The Brilliance of a Black Brilliant

Black brilliant sparkles very differently from a white brilliant. These diamonds have a beauty of their own. The colour can differ from darkish grey to black. This dark colour gives a special and chic look. Black diamonds are often combined in a ring with white gold, palladium or platinum. The dark colour becomes into its own in this alliance. It makes your wedding rings a real eye-catcher!

The Different cuts of Black Diamonds

A diamond can be cut in different ways. The cut establishes the appearance of the diamond. Standard cuts are splendid, baguette and royalty. The appearance of the diamond also defines the look of your ring. A square diamond makes your ring tough, a row of black brilliants elegant. Would you like to know more about the different sharpening shapes? Read the story about the various cuts.

Gemistone is Proffer all Types of Cuts in Black Diamonds such as Round, Emerald, Oval, Princess, Pear, and Marquise Cuts with Your Customization Engagement or wedding rings.

Black Diamonds Engagement Rings Setting

Because black diamond is so unique, any black diamond engagement ring will turn heads. Combine your stone with a beautiful setting for a ring that will be cherished for years to come. In addition, be sure to choose a diamond shape that matches the style and personality of the wearer. Engagement Ring with Black Diamonds are the Best and Unique Gift for your loved ones.

Style 1: Halo Setting

Create a beautiful ring by surrounding your black diamond with small colourless diamonds.

Style 2: Side stone setting

Highlight your black diamond by flanking it with two neutral diamonds on both sides.

Style 3: Solitaire setting

Keep your black diamond as the central centre with a solitaire surrounding. Consider white gold or platinum to contrast the colour of the stone.

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3.5CT [8.50MM] Princess cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond


0.5 Carat (4mm) Princess Cut Black Diamond (Copy)


2.50CT [10.50 x 7MM] Pear Cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond


1.50CT [9 x 6MM] Pear Cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond


5CT [13 x 9MM] Pear Cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond


3CT [14 x 7MM] Marquise Loose Black Moissanite Diamond


1CT [10 x 5MM] Marquise Loose Black Moissanite Diamond


0.5CT [8 x 4MM] Marquise Loose Black Moissanite Diamond


2CT [12 x 6MM] Marquise Loose Black Moissanite Diamond


0.8CT [9 x 4.5MM] Marquise Loose Black Moissanite Diamond


3CT [11 x 7MM] Pear Cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond


1.25CT [8 x 6MM] Pear Cut Black Loose Moissanite Diamond