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Promise rings have been popular love tokens since the 16th and 17th centuries, symbolizing love and the prospect of marriage. But in today’s day and age, people exchange Promise rings for many reasons other than that. That’s why, it is important to choose an appropriate design for your ring. No worries! Gemistone’s unique collection of Promise Rings is here to save the day.

You can choose from a number of creative styles such as Love Knot promise ring, Couple Crown, and vintage engagement rings. Each design is available in 4 metallic colors; Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Sterling Silver. We also have adorable shapes like Hearts, Heptagons, and Leaf as well as customizable Mother’s Day rings.

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Mama Diamond Ring for Mother’s day Gift


Heptagon Diamond Ring For Women


Unique Heart Shape Diamond Ring


Personalized Custom Mom Ring for Mother Day Gift


Diamond Love Knot Promise Ring


0.50TCW Infinity Knot Promise Ring


Angle Wings Couple Crown Promise Rings


Vintage Vine Leaf Flush Set Moissanite Engagement Ring


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What is the Significance of Promise & Pre-Engagement Rings?

A pre-engagement ring is simply a promise engagement ring specifically for couples. It signifies a promise of marriage, a declaration of love, and a prospect of a long and happy life together. However, a promise ring can be used for many things, including a promise of friendship, loyalty, abstinence, or faithful commitment.

And that is why, when gifting someone a promise ring, it is important to communicate the meaning so that the recipient understands what it signifies for the two of you. You may even present the ring with a note indicating the promise you make.

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What Is the Ideal Finger For a Promise Ring?

You are free to wear a Promise ring on any finger, unlike the engagement ring, which goes on the left ring finger. The finger may vary based on the type and level of Promise between two individuals. However, couples who are committed to a future together tend to wear Promise rings on the same finger as they would wear their engagement rings (on the left ring finger). 

This is traditionally seen as an official commitment of engagement between two individuals. These rings are then moved to the right ring finger during the engagement ceremony.

If you don’t want your Promise Ring to be confused as an Engagement Ring, it is okay to wear it on your right ring finger from the beginning itself.

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