Natural White Diamonds – The Queen of Gems

Diamond, the queen of gemstones, represents eternal love. The Natural white diamonds are the birthstone of April. This means that for everyone born in April, the stone has an extra powerful effect.

Carat, Clarity, Color and cuts

These four properties commonly discover the worth of a diamond. The color, clarity and size of each rough diamond are determined by Mother Nature. Ultimately, it is the craftsmanship of our master polishers that ensures that a rough diamond can become an absolute masterpiece. The perfection of a diamond is the result of the precise grinding of each of its facets so that the light is reflected optimally. A Diamond of excellent color is no more than a dull stone, without an exquisite cut, which is what makes our diamonds so special.

Carat, the weight

The weight of a diamond is asserted in carats. Carat tells you more about the size of the diamond, expressed in the weight of the stone. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams or 100 points.

The Color

Diamonds appear in each color of the rainbow, from dark brown to warm yellow, glowing pink to enchanting purple and deep red to intense blue. When diamonds have a pronounced, intense color, they are called “fancy colors”. Colorless diamonds, more commonly known as white diamonds, do not show a specific color at first glance.

The more colorless the diamond is evaluated, the more valuable it is. So for the color of a diamond, it applies that what you can’t see is more important. The less color, the more the diamond will be worth. That’s Why Round White Diamonds are so Precious and Valuable the others.

Every diamond is unique and no stone is perfect when examined under a 10x magnifying glass, although some stones come close to perfection. That explains why a smaller, flawless stone will be worth significantly more than a larger, but imperfect stone.


Perfect proportions, excellent symmetry and a quality finish are the necessary ingredients that can transform a dull rough stone into a spectacular and sparkling diamond. Only then can the light move optimally along the facets and provide that breath-taking brilliance.

It is important to know that different proportions are possible, all of which will affect how the diamond will receive and reflect the light and also how attractive the diamond will be to the person who admires the stone.

Does the diamond have color and which color is worth the most?

In a general sense, diamonds without color (Colorless Diamonds) are the most valuable. In this way, they are pure diamonds, with as little discolouration as possible. In that respect, the colorless diamonds are the most valuable then colored ones.

Buy Colorless Diamonds Online

Buy a diamond without color, for example for an engagement ring? We provide diamonds of the highest possible quality, with an excellent color code. In addition, we provide a nice weight such as a 30-pointer, a diamond with minimal impurities and of course a specimen with a beautiful cut. Gemistone Proffers a Colorless Diamonds Means Round White Diamonds at Affordable Cost. You can Customize your Engagement or Wedding rings with Natural White Diamonds.

The result? A beautiful diamond color (or rather, lack thereof) that adds to the value, combined with good values ​​​​for the other important C’s of these precious stones. Want to know more about the color and the value? Get in touch; we’d admire to listen from you.

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