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You Should know about the Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring

Today, Engagement rings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. This does not make it any easier to find a suitable ring.

The engagement ring is a very important ring before getting married. Usually, the man gets on his knees and asks his partner to marry him. He does this with an engagement ring; he will have to find the engagement ring first, but how do you do that? Below you can read everything you need to know about the engagement ring.

The Tradition

The Tradition

There are stories about the tradition of the engagement ring, the truth is not clear. The ring is, of course, intended as a promise of marriage, unconditional love, and long and happy life together. Considering this is very romantic, there is also a less romantic version of this tradition. The tradition started in America around the year 1900, when women were expected to be virgins and thus married virgins. Nothing was said about the men and they were allowed to go about their business. The engagement ring was a kind of social status for the women. Other people could see through the engagement ring that she fulfilled her duties and thus would marry a virgin.

The rules

Over the years, a few rules have emerged about the engagement ring. The first rule is no engagement ring without a stone. This originated in 1477 when they said that a diamond is part of a proposal. In the last century, another rule was applied, which was that the engagement ring had to cost 2 months’ wages. One of the most important rules is that before you propose to your partner, you first ask your partner’s hand to her father. You do this out of respect for her and her father. There are a few rules that you don’t necessarily have to adhere to, you can decide for yourself and they are not official rules.

What is the exact meaning of an engagement ring?

The tradition of the engagement ring goes back centuries to the ancient Egyptians, who believed that the symbol of a circle stood for eternity. Even then they gave their beloved a ring, normally made of braided reeds, to signify that they were bound together for eternity. This ring was worn on the ring finger of the left hand because this finger has a vein, the “Vena Amoris”, which connects it directly to the heart. This ring is still often worn on the left ring finger for this meaning, the heart is therefore seen worldwide as the place where you feel love.

Popular belief

There are many popular beliefs and myths about the wedding ring. Here and there these have a rather morbid and lurid background, such as a broken wedding ring – which is an omen that a man and woman will die early. And when a woman loses her wedding ring, she will quickly lose her husband too. Another story is that a wedding ring should always be worn because otherwise the happiness in the marriage can be seriously disrupted. In the past, these stories served mainly as a warning, to be especially careful with a ring – which usually cost quite a bit of money.

Which Engagement Ring are you going to buy?

Buying an engagement ring is a really difficult task. You don’t know what color to get, from what material and she likes it when it has a diamond on it. So listen carefully to the conversations about jewelry, maybe you can see from these conversations if there are hidden hints. So listen carefully to what material she likes. This can help you to pick out the ring later. If you do have a conversation about jewelry, ask something you want to know, but don’t do this too much and too conspicuously. If this conversation does not come up, don’t suddenly ask something because then she might know it.

There are many ways to find out what she likes. Take a look in her jewelry box and see what she has. From this, you can deduce a bit what she likes. Also, think about what she likes and whether she would buy this ring that you have chosen. If you can’t figure it out, ask a good and reliable friend of your girlfriend what kind of engagement ring she will like.

You can then show a few examples of the engagement rings that you have in mind. Keep in mind that it must be a good friend of hers and of course, she must also know what your girlfriend likes. You can ask things like if she likes a diamond. Just don’t get too many people in the complex, so only talk to one good friend of hers. After all, the more people you involve, the more likely it is that it will come true.

Which side do you wear an engagement ring on?

Left side hand wearing engagement ring

It is often worn on the left side. This symbolizes the path to the partner’s heart. However, there are no official rules for this. So choose the hand where you prefer the ring. For example, are you right-hands? Then it is smart to do the ring on the left. You then have less chance of damage because you use this handless. In the Netherlands, most couples wear the engagement ring on the right and the wedding ring on the left. So the it changes hands as soon as you get married. You can also fuse the two rings.

The Best and Easy Available Size of the Engagement Ring

Another thing, how big should the engagement ring is… Trust me that is not what you can bet! For this, you need one of the rings that fit her well. Maybe your friend has a jewelry cabinet where she keeps some rings or leaves her ring at home when she works out.

Ring Size Messurement

One tip: don’t make a ring with you for a long time, she will notice! The moment she is at work or exercising is your moment. Go to a jeweler, have the ring measured, and quickly put the ring back. You don’t have to pick out a ring right away, but at least you have a size!

When is a ring an Engagement ring?

Typical of an engagement ring is the diamond; it can be of all sizes and also be set on any type of metal; rose, yellow, white, sterling silver, and so on. More and more, the diamond is not the only gemstone that people use to show eternal love to their partner, this can change their personal preference.

At Gemistone Online Jewels, for example, we have the Aquamarine gemstone diamond silver, this is often bought as an engagement ring and as you can see here it is also perfect for it! Click here to view the Aquamarine ring.

You can also give even more meaning to your engagement ring through the stone you choose. The Aquamarine gem above represents love, as do the Topaz and Aquamarine Crossover; these make the perfect gemstones for an engagement ring.

How long does it take for the engagement ring to be ready?

If you choose a ring from the store, we can pack it nicely for you right away. Making a commissioned engagement ring usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. If it has to be faster, because the Eiffel Tower is calling, we will do everything we can to complete this ring faster.

Tips for lower costs

Don’t have a lot of budgets and still want to pick out a beautiful engagement ring for your bride-to-be? You can then talk to your family or your partner’s family. Many families have an engagement ring in the family. Maybe you can pass on your mother-in-law’s engagement ring for a small price? How nice is it if this ring stays in the family? Have you been planning the proposal for some time but can’t afford the engagement ring yet? Then set a price alert on the ring you would like to buy.

This way you keep a close eye on when you can purchase the ring with a discount. Would you like to propose but don’t have enough money for a ring yet? You can also decide to propose already, but without a ring for a while. Then you can save for a few more months and give your partner a beautiful engagement ring at a later time.

Did you know that Gemistone Online Jewels makes all jewelry by hand?

We can also create unique jewelry to order for your special request. How wonderful it is to give a unique and personal engagement ring to your loved one.


Choose what suits you and your partner best, because the love between you is the most important!

Good luck in your search for your perfect rings! And feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about diamonds or diamond engagement rings…

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