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The Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant Diamond Shape

The Radiant Cut Diamond is square, or rectangular with buffed corners. She combines the elegant clean lines of the rectangular emerald cut with the sparkling brilliance of the round brilliant. With 70 facets, the radiant is design for maximum brilliance and color refraction.

The radiant cut is square or rectangular with buffed corners. She combines the elegant clean lines of the rectangular emerald cut with the sparkling brilliance of the round brilliant. The 70 facets of the radiant maximize the effect of color refraction in the stone. This cut requires more weight to go to the lower part of the diamond to achieve optimum brilliance. Depth percentages of 70 to 78% are therefore not uncommon with this diamond shape. The radiant is very beautiful as a single stone on a ring or with some small baguette or round side stones on either side.

Radiant Cut Diamond History

The radiant cut became popular starting in the 80s and lives up to its name. Thanks to the particular shape of the facets it appears extraordinarily bright and brilliant, radiating light in every direction. Henry Grossbard conceived this shape in 1977 to combine the typical facets of the round brilliant cut with the octagonal shape with rounded corners typical of the emerald cut. The radiant is widely use to cut fancy colored diamonds. But currently, it is also increasingly use in white diamonds for solitaires and engagement rings.

A unique feature of the radiant is that it appears larger than most other diamonds of the same carat weight.

however, the long diagonal of the radiant cut deceives the eye and makes it appear larger than it is. . When Grossbard designed the cut he did it to create a shape that appeared as large as possible. Unlike what is the typical approach of the time, the inventor’s goal is to bring out the natural beauty of each diamond, rather than cut it to maximize weight (remember that diamonds are sold a tot per carat.).

A large percentage of the original rough diamond is use in the radiant diamond cutting process, thus minimizing material waste. This implies that the price of a radiant diamond is in some cases slightly lower for the same carat compared to other shapes such as the brilliant-cut. Its convenience coupled with its splendid brilliance is precisely what drives many customers to choose it as an unusual and innovative solitaire.

As for the other shapes, the radiant follows the purity classification typical of diamonds. With the degree of purity that represents how much the stone is free of internal impurities.

Radiant Diamond Choose

When you buy a radiant diamond online, pay close attention to the length-width ratio. Radiant diamonds can come in many proportions. But if you want a square stone, it is best to choose a length-width ratio of between 1.00 and 1.05. If, on the other hand, you want a stone with a clear rectangular shape, it is best to choose one with a length-width ratio of more than 1.10.

Compared to its square and rectangular brothers, the Asscher diamond and the emerald diamond, the radiant diamond is less sensitive to the presence of imperfections and impurities thanks to its brilliance.

Our minimum recommendation for purchasing radiant cut diamonds is as follows (however, these recommendations are no more than our personal opinion, which may differ from your taste or preference):

Grinding quality: very good

Colour: G

Purity: SI2

Depth %: 58-72%

Table %: 56-72%

Radiant Cut facets 

Radiant Cut Facets

The radiant cut has been specially designing to combine the best facets of the round brilliant cut and the emerald cut, with 70 facets providing it a wonderful ability to reflect light and make a beautiful flash.

The Setting Of Radiant Cut

Radiant diamonds should be placing in a ring setting with 4 feet. Keep this in mind when choosing a ring for your radiant diamond.

A Radiant Cut looks stunning on its own as a ring or pendant, and it looks even better when paired with a baguette diamond or round side diamonds.

A Radiant Cut diamond necessitates a minimum of a four-prong setting due to its quadrilateral shape.

Radiant Diamond Ring

Although not the most traditional of choices, Diamond Engagement Rings with a radiant diamond have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Both in solitaire settings and in settings where the centre stone is accentuat by several side stones, the radiant diamond is very beautiful.

Famous People Adore Radiant Cut Diamond Rings:

Hillary Duff is a well-known Hollywood celebrity who wears radiant cut diamond rings. The 14-carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring with two side stones fits the actress’s delicate fingers perfectly. This stunning radiant cut diamond ring is estimated to cost around one million dollars.

Megan Fox is another well-known Hollywood celebrity who favors Radiant Cut Diamond Rings. The stunning 3-carat radiant cut engagement ring worn by the actress is estimat to cost around 20,000 dollars.


Drew Barrymore, the star of Charlie’s Angels, is also on the list. Will Kopelman, a well-known art consultant, proposed to her with a 4-carat radiant cut engagement ring. This radiant cut’s French-set band

Jennifer Aniston Celebrity Also Have 8-carat radiant-cut diamond Enagagement ring.


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