Do you know about Black Diamonds?

Do you know about Black Diamonds

What are Black Diamonds?

Let’s begin by improving a popular misconception: this Black Diamond (Carbonado) is surely 100% natural. Black diamond is less hard (rather porous) than other colorless and colored diamonds.

Large black diamonds with a good cut quality are very valuable in themselves. However, they will always remain more affordable than most other colored diamonds because they sparkle less. Rather than catching the light, they receive it. However, that does not mean that they cannot be used in beautiful diamond jewelry. Natural black diamonds are found in very few diamond mines. Only a few mines in Brazil and Central Africa are known as suppliers of black diamonds.

What are Black Diamonds - Carbonado

According to some, black diamonds proceed of the earth much distant than other diamonds and are made between 140 and 190 kilometers below the earth’s exterior. The particularly high pressure and temperature at that depth give them their unique color. Others posit that they would then occur all over the world, and rather think that the unique stones found their way to Earth in an asteroid.


Black diamonds are not found in every diamond mine, quite the contrary. There are only three places on earth where the black gems are found. Black diamonds are found in simply three places: Brazil, South Africa and the Central African Republic.


The most familiar and used meaning of diamond to us is love. The use of diamonds in engagement rings has been around for ages. The meaning of love is of course coupled with the quality and rarity of this gemstone. Finding good-quality diamonds is rare, as is true love. When a diamond is found in good quality, it is also difficult to damage.

According to many scientists, they would come from a meteorite that hit the Earth millions of years ago. If you look at the history of the black diamond, the 67.5 Black Orlov is the most famous example you can come across. This enormous black diamond is also identified as “The Eye of Brahma”.

The remains of that diamond would have landed in Brazil and the Central African Republic. The meteorite would have fallen on Earth at the time of the supercontinent Pangea. South America still bordered on Africa. Very occasionally one is found in South Africa.

The Special significance of a Black diamond

As you know, people assign different meanings to colored gemstones. The black diamond would stand for action, passion and energy, but also authority and power. Do you have slight faith in this relationship? Then you give your jewel with black diamond meaning yourself: the stone is rare and valuable, so the jewel is a token of sincere love.

A ring with this gemstone looks pretty cool. That is why more and more men are having a black colored diamond set in their wedding ring. The stone comes into its own, especially with a flat pavé setting. The formula for unique men’s wedding ring.

Women are equally attracted to the charm of, for example, a ring with a black diamond. A slightly convex ring gives the whole a very elegant look. As a couple, you can therefore choose a set of wedding and engagement rings with black diamonds.

Are Black Diamonds Trendy?

As one of the passionate trends in elegant jewelry now, the demand and value of black diamonds proceed to grow rapidly in the fashion universe. They provide a strongly fascinating contrast in all varieties of jewelry, so reaching out from the group becomes effortless when you’re donning one of these dark beauties.

The Special significance of a Black diamond

The Black Diamond, a part of the gem family, has a dark black color due to the mixture of graphite, carbon and various metal mixtures called polycrystalline. Also called the “Carbonado”, the black diamond has a structure that is difficult to grind and polish.

More attention and care is needed to turn it into black diamond jewelry. Nowadays, almost all black diamonds in the jewelry market get their color using dyes. Radiation or other treatments. It owes its beauty to its deep and saturated black color, and the natural black diamond is rare and expensive.

The different Cuts of black diamonds

A diamond can be cut in different ways. The cut determines the shape of the diamond. Common cuts are Emerald, Marquise and princess. There are some Common Diamond Cute are Available such as Round, pear, and Oval, Which is Also Trendy for most people.

The different Cuts of black diamonds

The shape of the diamond also defines the look of your ring. A square diamond gives your ring solid, a row of black brilliant fine.

The 3 Popular black diamonds

Black diamonds are generally less popular, but a few managed to gain worldwide fame over the years.

Black Amsterdam Diamond

This beautiful 33.74-carat black diamond was found in South Africa in 1972. The pear-shaped stone was given its current name in honour of the 700th anniversary of the city of Amsterdam. The diamond is now in a necklace along with 15 colorless diamonds.

The Black Orlov

This exceptional diamond was found in the 19th century and is nicknamed the Eye of Brahma. There would be a curse on this black diamond. Some owners committed suicide. One of the owners was the Russian princess Nadia Vygin-Orlov, from whom this diamond got its name.

Spirit of the Grisogono

The Spirit of the Grisogono is the biggest black diamond ever. The name comes from the Swiss jeweler Grisogono who was allowed to cut the diamond. The 312-carat diamond is now set in a white gold ring with 700 small colorless diamonds.

What is the Difference between black diamonds and colorless diamonds?

Black diamonds and colorless diamonds are very similar. The precise manner that gives black diamonds their unique opaque color is not entirely understood. So some think they come from outer space.

What is the Difference between black diamonds and colorless diamonds

There are many various hypotheses about the source of the black diamond, but there is no agreement. The data that has the most maintenance worldwide is that the black color is caused by the presence of graphite in the crystal structure during the formation of the diamond. Such graphite inclusions are not present in colorless diamonds. For the rest, colorless and black diamonds have almost the same properties.

The black diamond processed in jewelry

Diamond Proceed in Jewellery

Black diamonds look exceptionally well in jewelry. Engagement rings or wedding rings with black diamonds have been on the rise in recent years, and certainly not just among men. For example, actress Carrie Bradshaw was spotted wearing an engagement ring with a black diamond. A black diamond can also look great in cufflinks or as a solitaire diamond in a necklace.

Which precious metal does the black diamond go with?

Yellow gold and Rose gold themselves demand just a little too much attention. White gold or platinum is, therefore, the obvious choice, because of the beautiful color contrast. Both precious metals emphasize the black color even more. It applies to all jewelry with black diamonds, from a wedding ring to cufflinks. Platinum is more durable, white gold is cheaper. The choice is yours.

Which precious metal does the black diamond go with

You should also consider having a piece of jewelry made with our customization service. Together with our experts, you can design a jewel with a black diamond completely tailored to your needs.

Choose a setting that you like

A black diamond can be set in a wedding ring in many different ways.

What you should pay attention to is that the diamond matches your ring. The proportions have to be right. Usually, we can set the setting you choose in the ring of your favorites.

Curious what this looks like? Then Visit to our store – We can show you more than 50 different ways in which a diamond can be set in a wedding ring.

Black diamond is a very special type of diamond. This color is caused by so many inclusions within the stone that the stone has turned black. Normally inclusions cause a diamond to depreciate, but in this case, it works the other way around.

The intense black color of the stone is unsurpassed by any onyx or other black stone. It is also due to the beautiful diamond shine that has remained despite all its inclusions. This diamond color is a sizeable eye-catcher in a jewel or even a wedding ring. Especially if you are looking for an original alternative to colorless diamonds and if you like to color outside the lines.

What gives a wedding ring with a black diamond exceptional?

A black diamond in a wedding ring is becoming more and more popular. Grooms are increasingly looking for wedding rings that not everyone wears. The color of your diamond makes your wedding ring distinctive. The mixtures with these diamonds are eternal.

Have you viewed the most wonderful wedding rings, but there is no black diamond in them? It is no obstacle for goldsmiths. He can place these diamonds in almost every wedding ring.

Black Diamond Engagement or Wedding Ring and Earrings

In general, Black diamonds symbolize a strong warm connection – that is why they are perfect for engagement rings. In addition, black diamonds are often a lot cheaper than white diamonds. So you don’t have to leave it for the price.

The use of a black diamond as a gemstone on your ring makes your self-designed rings extra striking. This impressive black gem has been very popular among celebs in recent years. This black color fits perfectly with any color and is easy to combine with any outfit.

The black color of the diamond is formed by inclusions, so that you can no longer see through the stone. Yet this beautiful black diamond continues to sparkle because of its beautifully cut surfaces.

A black diamond is treated extra to give it an even more intense color. You are assured of beautiful Wedding or Engagement rings with a black diamond!

Every ring in our collection can be adjusted to your wishes. If you use a black diamond as a center stone with other colored gemstones around it, they will look even better.

Black Diamond Earrings

The black diamond is a mysterious stone and its deep black color fits perfectly in earrings. This beautiful gem has a color as black as night and resembles a bottomless bath filled with ink when you try to see through the stone.

Black diamond is not as expensive as the white transparent diamond, but it has all the beautiful characteristics of this color. The powerful black color of the stone is a beautiful counterpart to the silver in your earrings. The color black easily adapts to the environment and the wearer of the color, beautiful earrings can be created with the addition of the black diamond.

The black gemstone comes to life in your earrings. Go for a nice oval shape in your earrings for elegant earrings and for a playful look you can also choose larger, square silver buttons with a black diamond in a round or rectangular shape.

You can play endlessly with shapes until you achieve the desired result and have a unique pair of earrings hanging on your ears with which you can steal the show. Because the black diamond is excellent at stealing the show and attention.

Support From Gemistone

You can also send us your designs or ideas, our artists are happy to examine the possibilities with you for making the most beautiful Engagement or Wedding rings, and earrings with black diamonds.

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