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Descriptive Guide about Red Ruby Engagement Rings

An Engagement or Wedding ring with ruby ​​is a symbol of eternal love and passion. The red gem protects the couple from the troubles and looks of envious people, besides; it looks really expensive and chic. That is why newlyweds and Engaged are increasingly giving preference to non-standard solutions – Ruby Engagement Rings.

In particular, they choose models with rubies instead of the classic oblique gold rings without decor. At all times and in almost all cultures of the world, ruby ​​engagement rings have been associated with noble intentions.

The Color red has been attributed to centuries of love and passion, so the ruby, as a stone of this shade, is symbolically the perfect choice for a wedding. It is considered a stone of fidelity and endurance of feelings.

Ruby Properties

Ruby is a gemstone that is a rare species of corundum. It has an intense red Color and is considered the hardest mineral after diamond. Its name originates from the Latin term “ruber”, which means “red”.

Today the red ruby ​​is the second most expensive stone after the diamond. Although until the 20th century, it was he who was considered the most expensive and precious.

Red Ruby Engagement Rings

It is worth noting that Red Ruby ​​Engagement rings are popular not only among women but also among men. It is believed that the stone has mystical properties and protects its owner from impending danger, changing the shade to a more saturated and darker one.

Rubies owe their deep red Color to chromium atoms. A small admixture of iron gives them a brownish tint, but there are also pink specimens.

Like sapphires, they are characterized by pleochroism (Color changes depending on the angle of incidence of light) and luminescence. What features do Engagement rings with a ruby ​​have and who are suitable for such jewelry – you will find out by reading this article to the end.

Which ruby ​​rings are suitable?

Regardless of whether you choose a men’s ruby ​​engagement ring or a woman’s, it should be comfortable to wear daily. Therefore, comfortable models with a small stone remain at the peak of popularity.

Let’s take a closer look at various interesting options:

Rings “American” with a ruby ​​pattern

Smooth edges, noble gold and a delicate pattern of fine ruby ​​dust are great options for a wedding or engagement ceremony. This model is practical and very convenient in everyday life.

Combination of gold, diamonds and rubies

An expensive model that demonstrates the high status of its owners. A clear geometric pattern made of stones looks stylish and harmoniously combines with other decorations.

Sleek minimalism

Also at the peak of popularity are minimalist models of white and red gold with one single stone. Moreover, in the female version, the ruby ​​is more pronounced, in the male version, it can be deepened into the base.

Ruby Engagement Rings for Women

Of course, rubies look impressive on the handle of any woman. However, it should be understood that, although the stone is noble, it is capable of both decorating a lady, and vice versa – flaunting her possible shortcomings:

Red Ruby Engagement Rings for Women

Size matters

Undoubtedly, I want to show the bright ruby ​​to the whole world. Especially if he’s part of a wedding ring. However, it should be understood that this is not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol that you will wear daily. Give preference to more discreet models.


Young girls should choose neat, graceful models that emphasize the natural beauty and youthfulness of their hands. For older women, you can choose more overall options. Of course, provided that you are not afraid of the difficulties of wearing large stones.


If you plan to combine your wedding or engagement ring with other jewelry in the future, choose the simplest option – a neat narrow model with a line of rubies all over the surface or a classic gold one with one small stone.

Ruby Engagement Rings for Men

Unlike girls, men are much less likely to give preference to precious stones. But if you are not from a timid dozen and have firmly decided to “be rubies”, we hasten to share some simple recommendations:

Ruby Engagement Rings for Men

A double ring made of white gold, inlaid exactly in the center with two neat rubies, looks very stylish and completely uncommon on men. It is not striking and emphasizes the taste of its owner.

Also, fashionable men’s rings are made of red gold with a black pattern and one medium ruby ​​deep inside the model. This option is very convenient in everyday wear: due to its location, the stone does not interfere, but favourably distinguishes the man from the rest.

Finally, the classic is still in vogue – a sloping gold ring with one stone. Very suitable for a similar engagement bride model. It looks elegant, without unnecessary clutter, suitable for everyone who prefers convenience, style and minimalism.

Design of Ruby Wedding / Engagement rings

Best of all, a ruby ​​ring looks in a gold setting. It is yellow gold that is most expressively able to emphasize the red Color of this stone. However, many people choose white or rose gold. One of the newest jewelry trends is black gold pieces that have a vintage and romantic charm.

Design of Ruby Wedding  Engagement rings

In models of wedding rings, ruby ​​is often combined with a diamond. Most often, it is the main stone, and diamonds surround it, but it also happens vice versa. The rim of wedding rings is usually narrow or wide.

Braided female and male models made of metals of several shades are in demand. As for the shape of the stone, the most popular is the heart, as well as the star.

Instead of a conclusion

Of course, red ruby ​​rings are not a familiar classic, but a real challenge. Not every couple accepts it. The choice of such rings is difficult. Female models are found in much greater variety than male models. Everyday life can also be fatal: lost stones, permanent clues on clothing and scratches on the surface.

However, if you are still determined to choose red ruby ​​rings, we are sure that your union will be long and happy. After all, it is not for nothing that it is the ruby ​​that is considered the keeper of sincere feelings, passion and family wealth.

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