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The Complete Guide Of Emerald Cut Diamonds

The Emerald cut or the emerald cut diamonds belongs to the ‘step cuts’. These are polished shapes characterized by elongated, parallel facets. Their appearance is reminiscent of steps, hence the name. Of the Brilliant cuts, the most famous being the Brilliant cut, they differ from the Step Cuts in that they do not so much want to show the fire and brilliance but rather bring out the purity of the diamond. Its name the Emerald cut or the emerald cut owes to the actual use where the green emerald (gemstone) was used.

The Appearance of the Emerald Cut

The basic shape of a gemstone in the Emerald Cut is that of an octagonal shape with the four corners of the rectangular starting shape flattened. The bottom differs from the top in that it does not have a table, but the facets, which are otherwise arranged identically, run to the edge.

Only gemstones of good purity should be cut in the emerald cut because the smallest speck immediately catches the eye. A good emerald cut is characterized by the fact that the surfaces of the gemstone are at their best.

What is Emerald Diamond Shape?

Emerald Cut Diamonds

The emerald diamond has a rectangular cut in which both the pavilion and the corners are ground. As a result, the emerald diamond has large rectangular facet surfaces, which clearly shows the purity or clarity of the stone. An emerald diamond is usually less expensive than the classic round brilliant or popular princess diamond. This is why it is sometimes referred to as a stair cut.

The emerald cut was originally developed for emeralds (dark green gemstones formed from magma), which are much more difficult to cut than diamonds due to their high fragility. Due to the large rectangular table facet, the color, clarity, and clarity are particularly evident in diamonds with an emerald cut.

How to Find a Perfect Emerald Diamond?

Emerald cut diamonds are excellently suited for high clarity and color, as the large table and lack of brilliant cut make it difficult to hide inclusions.

However, they can handle color better than other fancy shapes. Therefore, choosing a low-colored emerald diamond is not necessarily a problem. Best of all, this combination of attributes can take your budget further.

While diamonds with higher clarity can be more expensive, opting for a lower color with an emerald cut diamond can save you money (without sacrificing appearance).

Emerald Diamond Choosing in 4cs of Diamonds

When you buy an emerald diamond you must pay sufficient attention to the quality of the diamond. Due to the open nature of the emerald cut, small deviations in the cut quality, color, or clarity are easier to see with the naked eye than, for example, with a round brilliant or square princess diamond. Fortunately, emerald diamonds are generally less expensive than the classic round brilliants or the popular princess diamonds. For example, you can buy a larger emerald diamond than a brilliant diamond of the same color, clarity, and cut quality for the same price.

Emerald diamonds can vary greatly in the degree to which they are rectangular. If you prefer a diamond with a square contour, look for an Asscher cut. A classic emerald diamond has a length-to-width ratio between 1.30 and 1.40 although some prefer emeralds with a length-to-width ratio as high as 1.75.

Our minimum recommendation for buying emerald cut diamonds is as follows (however, these suggestions are no more than our personal opinion. Which may differ from your taste or preference):

  • Grinding quality: good
  • Color: G
  • Purity: VS2
  • Depth %: 58-69%
  • Table %: 58-69%

What is the best settings of Emerald Cut Diamond?

Emerald cut diamonds look amazing in a huge variety of settings. However, two of the most popular settings are the solo setting and the bright halo setting.

Emerald cut solitaire diamond engagement ring offers the sophistication of the center stone. But an emerald cut and diamond ring is a both an understated and sophisticated option for the minimalist bride.

But while emerald cut solitaire engagement rings and emerald diamond halo engagement rings are common, is not the only perfect options.

Emerald cut three stone engagement rings and emerald cut baguette engagement rings are becoming more and more popular. The baguette shaped side stones mimic the step cut of the central emerald diamond, which is a natural combination.

Emerald cut gold engagement rings are becoming more and more popular, but the type of metal you choose can make a big difference to the appearance of the ring.

The most popular, of course, is white gold. White gold is of course the most widespread, but some people choose rose gold for its romantic image or yellow gold for its vintage look.

How many facets does the Emerald Cut have?

It consists of 58 or 57 facets, depending on whether or not the lower vertex is truncated, creating an additional facet called the culet.

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

While not the most traditional choice, diamond engagement rings with an emerald diamond can be surprisingly beautiful. Both in solitaire settings and in settings where the center stone is accentuated by several side stones. And given that they are typically less expensive than round brilliants of the same quality; buyers can usually afford a larger stone than if they chose for a round brilliant. Reasons enough not to overlook the emerald.

Emerald Cut Diamonds ring should be set in a ring setting with 4 feet. Keep this in mind when choosing a ring for your emerald diamond.

The widest choice of Emerald Cut diamond Engagement Rings can be found at Gemistone Jewelers.


Emerald Cut Diamonds offer an elegant shape and unique Step Cuts. Emerald Cuts are a phenomenal choice for those who want a larger looking diamond without a hefty price tag.

Because Emerald Cut Diamonds require careful observation of cut quality. We recommend that you have your diamond assessed by an expert before purchase. For help finding the perfect Emerald Cut Diamond, visit our Online Store at Gemistone Jewelers.

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