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What is a Tennis Bracelet and what is a History Behind it?

What is a Tennis Bracelet

Did you Know What is a Tennis Bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a narrow single or double-breasted suit for the wrist, set with diamonds. Tennis bracelets made of white gold or yellow gold with diamonds are particularly valuable pieces of jewelry. In the meantime, there are of course also cheaper alternatives made of silver, which can be set with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones or zirconia.

But how did the tennis bracelet get its sporty name? Was it perhaps because tennis was long considered an elite sport and generally associated with luxury? It wasn’t quite like that, but there is a direct connection to tennis.

The piece of jewelry known today as a tennis bracelet is a classic of goldsmithing. Basically, it was rightly recognised as the “Rivière bracelet”.

What is a True History Behind the Tennis Bracelet?

The Riviere bracelet became the “Tennis bracelet”

What is a True History Behind the Tennis Bracelet

In 1987, the tennis fan association observed an unusual stoppage in play at the US Tennis Open. The then well-known American tennis player and long-time world number one Chris Evert insisted on wearing a tennis bracelet throughout a match. The tennis player’s bracelet, studded with diamonds, was made of yellow gold and is said to have been worth more than $ 10,000.

It was designed by former professional gymnast George Bedewi. In the middle of the match, Chris Evert suddenly noticed the loss of your piece of jewelry. The game was then interrupted and the search for the valuable bracelet began. The piece of jewelry appeared and the union could proceed. Chris Evert was at the height of her career back then, but she lost that game after the memorable incident. For this, she had started a new trend. After this incident, this type of bracelet is called just a tennis bracelet.

The precious bracelet was in the centre of the world public and Rivière bracelets were henceforth named “tennis bracelets” or tennis bracelets.

A wide variety of unique Tennis jewelry

The name Tennis jewelry or simply Tennis has been held up in professional circles and among jewelry lovers. Tennis does not only mean the tennis bracelet, but also a wide variety of pieces of jewelry made of solitaire set and strung together diamonds and other precious stones or sparkling stones.

In addition to bracelets and chains, there are also rings and earrings of this design. These pieces of jewelry are made of yellow gold, white gold and red gold, but also of silver and other jewelry metals.

The so-called tennis bracelet has a very extraordinary rank because of its unique history and is still recognised as a must-have by many jewelry lovers.

Tennis bracelet – a Trendy and classic jewelry

Rivière is a French term and suggests “river” or “flowing course”. And it is precisely this association that a classic Tennis bracelet should evoke. The diamonds flow on a high-quality Tennis bracelet, moving like a chain and are reminiscent of sparkling water in bright sunlight. Tennis bracelets and chains are available in different settings and different shades of gold.

Tennis jewelry made of white gold is considered particularly noble because it emphasizes the cool elegance of the diamonds particularly well. The preferred setting for Tennis jewelry is a claw setting in which the cut diamonds are held at four points. The Rivière bracelets and chains were designed by English artisans. The popular standards of high-quality jewelry got their title from the French.

The Tennis bracelet is not missing in any collection

The Tennis bracelet is not missing in any collection

Tennis jewelry and primarily the tennis bracelet should not be dropping in any jewelery collection of any quality. Standard and high-priced jewelers such as Cartiere and Tiffany have tennis bracelets in their series, as do Swarovski and other new jewelry firms. Another name for the tennis or Tennis bracelet is the Eternity bracelet in the English-speaking world. Such a bracelet is also a symbol of eternity.

Many celebrities still wear valuable tennis bracelets today, including current tennis stars such as Serena Williams. High-quality tennis bracelets nowadays often have a sliding clasp with an additional safety device so that they are not lost, as was once the case with Chris Evert.

A tennis bracelet gratifies almost all kinds of ladies. Such a vintage piece of jewelry goes great with elegant outfits as well as sporty outfits.

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Trendy tennis bracelets with your Chosen Metals and a lot of shine that fits all outfits. It’s nice to compliment a strict business look as well as for every day or why not for the party outfit!

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Our artists have opted for the “prong setting” to employ the greatest possible light reach potential. The infinite brilliance of the tennis bracelet is an eye-catcher on your arm as well as your companion for elegant and classic evenings.

The quality properties of the diamond are of course certified by GIA and confirmed on the sales receipt. We are completely conscious that additional questions may occur with such jewel items. We would therefore be very pleased if you communicate with us so that we can explain your questions transparently.


What Metals are there?

The tennis bracelets are made of 18-carat gold. Pick between white gold, rose gold or yellow gold.

Which Diamonds do you use?

The bracelets will mainly be sold with white brilliant cut (round) diamonds of quality F / SI1 on the three smallest diamond sizes and the remaining D-E / SI1.

Are there any Other colors on stones?

Absolutely! We also sell bracelets with black diamonds, champagne diamonds, rubies, pink and blue sapphires, and emeralds (green).

How long is a Tennis Bracelet Needed?

According to a study, it turned out that the circumference of the wrist (+ 1.3-1.5 cm) is usually a light length. It is possible to order the bracelets in whole centimetres, but also for example 17.3 cm or 19.7 cm. Contact us for a special length of the tennis bracelet.

Length and Carat?

We sell bracelets of this model in many sizes from (0.75ct) SEK 25,000 up to (10.00ct) SEK 326,000.

What it included?

Exclusive jewelry box and outer box. Convenient Delivery by registered letter. A receipt is sent together with the product.

WHY SHOP at Gemistone?

We dare say that Gemistone’s tennis Diamond bracelets are among the absolute best tennis bracelets on the market.

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