What is a Natural White Diamond? Why So unique?

Natural White Diamonds

The smooth colors, clouds and clean are very rare in the diamond color spectrum. Natural white diamonds are favorites of collectors, designers and jewelry lovers. These white diamond get the wow reactions of several buyers around the world that individuals do not know that they exist.

What is a White Diamond?

Color diamonds have been excellent sales records in auction houses in recent years, but here’s one has not had a lot of press: white diamond. Yes, white! Prepare to be in love with this remarkable beauty.


You will regularly hear the term “white” applied to colorless diamonds that come under the shade or the GIA D-TO-Z scale. However, diamonds in the D-to-Z range are not white at all.  Its colors can go from colorless (like a drop of pure water) until you have light yellow tones, light brown or gray. The uniqueness, and therefore, the value, of these diamonds, is based on part of the way they approach the incorrect. All things are similar, most colorless diamond, rare and expensive is.

Then they are diamonds whose colors fall out of the D-to-Z color range, and these diamonds have different colors. The geological conditions necessary to produce them are rare, which causes diamonds of natural colors scarce and extremely appreciated. Colorful diamond approach in almost any color you can imagine: Brown diamonds and Yellow diamonds are the most prevalent, followed by pink and blue diamonds. The red diamond, the green diamond, the purple diamond and the orange diamond are considers the rarest, but they are also white diamonds.

Cause of color:-

Natural white diamond is true white diamonds. They consider the color being snowed, milky or opalescent. Diamonds are often confused with colorless diamonds called white diamonds. But the major difference with colorless diamonds vs. White is the real white color.

Its presence, like a fine or transparent cloud, such as milk or white paint, can be a translucent and non-bright appearance. 

The more time the color is transparent and pure white, the rare the stone. Billions of white inclusions that inhibit the light that absorbs and reflects cause within the stone the whiteness. It attracted several collectors to the unusual white color, as it reminds them of the clouds in the sky.

White Diamond: Non-white, colorless.

White Diamond Color Source

Mines around the world produce white diamonds in a broad variety of shapes and sizes. With the increase in the popularity of colorful diamonds, the white term is deceptive. I consider that a white diamond is colorless.

White diamonds are not really “white”. Lack of color: They are ‘colorless’, like water. Precious colorless diamonds are very rare in the world. Most white diamonds have a natural shadow. We can clearly see this on the conventional color rating scale, where D denotes a pure and colorless appearance, through Z, which means a strong yellow dye.

White diamonds with lower color rating, so it is yellowish, is not considers rare or valuable as colorless white diamonds. Of course, the color is just one way in which a diamond is valued. If a low-color diamond has a great cut and clarity, someone will value higher it. However, a white diamond with a high-color rating is much more precious by its appearance than a white diamond of yellowish and low-color appearance.

Source of White Diamond

We have found it all over the world, has no special mine that produces more or less of them. Sometimes, white diamonds may have a present, changing / secondary color, such as red, blue, yellow and brown, and black.

One thing that will remain a constant and its white diamonds are classic. The simple beauty of a white diamond is amazing. Are the possibilities of jewelry so common that involve the use of white diamonds?  There are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, earrings and even many sizes and white diamond shapes. Nothing is out of the limits when showing the delicate beauty of white diamonds.

Picking a piece of jewelry is not always as simple as visiting the jeweler and choosing something that looks pretty under the glass. Diamonds are expensive and they require knowledge to make an intelligent purchase that keeps or even will increase in value. It means understanding how diamonds are grads.

Why is white diamond so unique?

White diamonds are the most typical of different diamonds. The diamonds are almost colorless, although they are categorizing in several ways: colorless, almost colorless and died. The popularity of white diamonds probably reflects the truth that they have few defects or impurities, and nowadays, white diamonds represent love and commitment to marriage.

• The diamond substance: Diamonds are one of the concentrated form of pure carbon on Earth, and it is also the strongest mineral in the known existence. 

• Training: it formed Diamonds for a long time, for a billion years, deep in the Earth, in extreme stress and heat. When the volcanic eruptions of deep source occur, this pushes the diamonds closer to the surface where they can be extracted.

• Discovery: The oldest diamonds could have been found in India, in 400 BC. Around 100 years later, people started negotiating diamonds in Europe. Later, with the growth of industrialization, people found diamonds in places beyond India. 

• Synthetic diamonds: Synthetic diamonds are made in laboratories nowadays and are created by holding very high heat carbon and pressure. Synthetic diamonds are much cheaper than natural diamonds, but are indistinguishable from gemstones mined at first sight.

White diamonds are rare because they are so successful, but diamond deposits in the world can soon reach a complete exhaustion. Some diamonds must be discoveries and even less of pure white diamonds, so jewelers and consumers highly arranged they are now available to be mines. What we extract today usually has impurities, making diamonds less valuable. We can find unless uncovered deposits, it may be only a matter of time before reaching complete exhaustion.

It auctioned one of the rare white diamonds in history at the starting of 2018 at Sotheby’s and weighed over 102 carats and given the highest qualifications on all the basis of the (GIA) Gemological Institute of America.

What is the General Healing of White Diamonds?

The healing characters of white diamond:

It Helps with cleansing & purification, Helps with the spiritual ascension process, and also assists you in keeping your commitments, Works as a reminder of your responsibilities to yourself as well as to others promotes clarity of mind

Accelerates karmic release, helps in achieving enlightenment & karmic liberation

Is White Diamond is not colorless?

Colorless, white diamonds, so they do not qualify by the GIA D-to-Z color scale. White is the sum of all colors, so it doesn’t appear in the color spectrum.

What makes a White Diamond?

The presence of lateral microscopic loading is the appearance of a transparent “white” white face by extending light through diamonds. Seeing a diamond, they also describe it as “opalose” which can be seen. Sometimes, white diamonds make white opals with beautiful colorful games.

Is white diamond rare?

While all diamonds are rare, some trembling than others. White diamonds are much more difficult to achieve relatively fast diamonds. Rare Diamond is no doubt there is no diamond. Red is the highest price of qualifications, second colors and diamonds. Other colors do not have a dramatic effect as modifying active ingredients.

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