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The 8 Diamond Engagement Rings Style in 2021

The 8 Diamond Engagement Rings Style in 2021

An engagement ring is a ring used in courtship and this tradition dates back to the 18th century. Buying an engagement rings today is one of the biggest and most important purchases for many. It is a ring that will surely be worn all day, for life. Putting a little extra thought behind the engagement ring is therefore recommended.

In the past, it was common with smooth engagement rings, both for men and women. Today, however, it looks different. Engagement rings with diamonds are shifting more common and there are various designs of diamond rings.

We notice a clear trend where we see that more and more people choose to get engaged with a solitaire or halo ring, we get inspiration from the USA as with much else. Today, many people, therefore, want a ring that stands out from the crowd and with a real wow factor.

What should you keep in mind when buying an Engagement Ring with Diamonds?

Usually, you buy the engagement ring in the greatest secret for your future and you probably do not want to reveal too much by asking what the person in question prefers for the ring model.

If you are free with a diamond ring, higher demands are placed on you because you have more choices and there will thus be more decisions to make. The first thing to decide is what type of diamond ring you want to free with. We guide you through the various choices below.

1. Alliance Rings – Also Known as Wedding band

From the beginning, alliance rings were created to demonstrate the eternal alliance in a relationship between two parties, but have today become increasingly popular as a wedding ring between love couples but also as an engagement ring.

Our Swedish princess Madeleine complimented her engagement ring with an alliance ring as a wedding ring. Many people choose an alliance ring as a complement to a solitaire ring because together they create a really beautiful combination. Others choose to supplement with a smooth ring if you do not want a protruding ring, but still want to wear a diamond ring.

Alliance rings as engagement rings are not as common as solitaire rings, but are a very good choice for the woman who wants as practical a ring as possible but who still dreams of a diamond ring. Alliance rings are available in an incredible number of models and you can make it more or less magnificent due to the size and number of diamonds around the ring.

An alliance ring is usually set with diamonds around half the ring, but is also available in 1/4 sub-alliance, 1/3 sub-alliance, 3/4 sub-alliance and full alliance.

Rings with diamonds around the entire ring can not be adjusted in size, so be sure to check the size of your future before buying such a ring.

Alliance rings different frames From left:

Channel-framed alliance ring, clone-framed alliance ring and faden-framed alliance ring. The most common types of frames are channel frames and claw frames. Channel setting means that the diamonds sit along a channel in the middle and with metal on both sides to hold and protect the diamonds.

This type of alliance ring is very classic and is not as popular today for those looking for a more modern alliance ring. For the modern and stylish woman, we instead recommend an alliance ring with a claw frame.

This frame means that each diamond is fixed with the help of one or more small claws. In this way, more light is allowed on the diamonds and this type of ring generally sparkles more than channel-framed diamonds thanks to the light. Pavé frame is a third frame where the diamonds are held with small claws in each corner plus a neat metal channel along the edge.

This type of alliance ring is the most practical because the diamonds are very protected, on the other hand, it is the ring that sparkles the least.

2. Solitaire Ring – Also called a Stone ring

A solitaire ring is a real classic and the most common engagement rings for women. It is a stylish engagement rings that can never go wrong with an engagement. Stone rings are available in all price ranges and it is usually the diamond that controls the price. This is the perfect choice for the classic woman who appreciates the bare and neat in a solitaire ring. The need to take the turns and stand out is not so great for her.

The advantage is that the diamond becomes what gets in focus. In addition, solitaire rings are easy to combine with both smooth rings and alliance rings as a wedding ring. Our Crown Princess Victoria has a one-stone ring as her engagement ring.

A solitaire ring usually has four or six claws that hold the diamond in place. Six claws give a more symmetrical look and a better grip around the diamond. However, four claws provide good durability and the diamond is emphasized more because the claws take up a smaller area.

Round brilliant-cut diamonds are by far the most common for single stone rings, followed by princess cut and pillow cut diamonds. If you want to go on a safe card, choose a round diamond for the one-stone ring. If you want to take out the turns and make the ring more playful and special, you can choose another shape, for example, an emerald-shaped or oval diamond.

3. Side Stone ring

A side stone ring is a perfect choice for those who want to combine an alliance ring and a solitaire ring. It is a ring with a lot of bling, but not as daring as a halo ring. Our princess Madeleine has a side stone ring as an engagement rings.

Side stone rings can look very different. Usually, they have some type of claw socket or fade, paw socket or duct socket. Depending on the type of frame the ring has, a look and feel are added to the ring. The claw setting gives a more modern look while the dish and channel setting is perceived as more classic.

To create an even more exclusive look, you can complement a side stone ring with a matching alliance ring, this creates a sophisticated ring pair.

Many people today choose to combine their side stone ring with an alliance ring in a completely different style to create a playful and “unmatched” look. This is becoming increasingly popular. For example, you can have an emerald-shaped center diamond and princess-cut square side diamonds, for that you can have an alliance ring with a round and diamonds.

You can also have a side stone ring with only round diamonds and an alliance ring with princess cut diamonds. There is no right or wrong, but here your imagination sets the limits.

4. Halo Rings

A halo ring is an engagement rings that has a center diamond with several small diamonds around it, like a wreath around the larger diamond. The ring got its name thanks to this and the word halo stands for a light ring or light courtyard.

The advantage of this ring model is that the center diamond often looks larger than it is thanks to the halo diamonds, they give the illusion that the diamond looks larger. You can therefore advantageously choose a smaller center diamond than with a solitaire ring, but still, get the same impression or even grander.

The halo ring was a ring pattern that founds in the 1920s and was seen numerous times in the film the Great Gatsby, which holds a place throughout this time.

The ring can therefore have both a vintage feel or a more modern look depending on the choice of model. Halo rings often have a cushion cut or round diamond as the center diamond. Halo rings in rose gold and yellow gold tend to create a more vintage look than halo rings in white gold or platinum that often look more modern.

Halo rings are amazingly popular today and are the ideal ring for those who want that slight extra, who fancies a glittering diamond ring on their finger. The halo ring is the engagement rings for the intelligent and stylish woman. Prince Carl Philip proposed to Sofia Hellqvist with a halo ring in the summer of 2014.

The trend with halo rings has been in the US for several years and is starting to become more common in Sweden as well. Earlier, it was examined such a glittering ring that you ordinarily only saw the ring model on the red carpet at celebrities, but now many people visualize a halo ring as an engagement rings.

5. Multi-stone ring

As the name suggests, this is a ring with several larger diamonds.

It is easy to confuse this model with alliance rings, but the difference is that a multi-stone ring usually has a maximum of nine larger diamonds that are usually clone set, while an alliance ring usually has more and smaller diamonds and that they can also be barrel or channel set.

A multi-stone ring is available in both, for example, a three-stone variant where the center diamond is usually the largest, as well as other constellations with seven or nine diamonds where they are ordinarily of the equal size.

The multi-stone ring is a perfect complement to a smooth ring, either as a wedding rings or engagement rings. Be extra careful if you intend to combine a multi-stone ring with, for example, a single-stone ring, as the height of a multi-stone ring often makes it difficult for the rings to lie close together.

However, it is almost always possible to combine a multi-stone ring with one of our smooth rings. Combining two multi-stone rings is also a tasteful combination.

6. Birthstone Ring

Birthstone rings possess a metal band with the stone that symbolizes the month of the wearer’s birthday month or their family’s birth months. These are utilized both for personalized jewelry and for a hint of any person’s birthday in the family.

A ring with Birthstones describing those you love, lets you hold them close to you all day. Rings with Birthstones can designate friends, children, grandkids, siblings and more. Choose from customizing birthstone rings with 1, 2, 3 or more gems.

Twelve stones can be fixed in birthstone rings, things for each month. From the garnet of January to the gem for October, there is a stone that serves every month of the year to contain everyone’s exceptional day.

Modern Birthstones are linked to calendar months, and each month has its unique birthstone. Many people prefer to wear Rings set with their birthstone, as the ancient definitions and relationships with these stones still fascinate them.

7. Three Stone ring – Ring set with three diamonds

Three-stone rings belong to the class of multi-stone rings and are a very traditional ring pattern. Three-stone rings have a fine symbolic meaning, the three diamonds stand for “the past, the present and the future”.

This ring model is suitable for you who are looking for a classic engagement rings. Three-stone rings are available in several different variants and can thus be made more or less modern.

A ring with three round diamonds is more classic, while a ring with an emerald cut diamond in the middle and two pear cut diamonds gives a more playful and modern look.

8. Cocktail Ring

Throughout the temperance era at the origin of the 20th century, cocktail rings were a symbol that the woman wearing them had capital and strength. These rings were not for daily usage, but only dressed for special occasions in one nearly always worn on the right hand. They were produced a diversity of materials and highlighted the stone that the women favored, from rubies to diamonds and turquoise.

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