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Complete Guide To Popular Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Which Gemstone to Choose a Ring with?

Gemstone is a crystal rainbow of colors and energies, sometimes intensely bright and piercingly strong, sometimes with just a hint of color and dynamics. A trip to a jewelry store is not only joyful anticipation of purchase, but sometimes confusing. Setting goals and objectives help to facilitate it. What is the gemstone engagement rings for? Solemn exit? Memorable gift? Amulet? For each occasion, a different stone is suitable.

Choosing a Ring: color, size, zodiac sign, and a solemn occasion

If there is a need to attend a solemn event, and a precious piece of jewelry is chosen for it, it must fit into the ensemble as a whole. Of course, there is no need to match the stone with the color of the clothes. It is enough to fall into the warm/cold range or classic combinations.

So, a gold-colored dress will flawlessly complement an emerald in a gold frame. A purple dress will look great with yellow topaz or sapphire. It is interesting!

A ring is a special decoration; it symbolizes infinity and a special connection between people. Therefore, rings are given to family and friends to emphasize the strength of the relationship. This is especially true of gold rings: despite the wide availability of gold at present, jewelry made from it can only be a personal gift.

The color of the wearer’s eyes is also a great clue. Human eyes are almost relatives of precious stones; the play of their color is as deep and varied as that of jewelry-cut masterpieces. Stones, matched to the color of the eyes, are good not only for a ceremonial exit; they will adorn their owner on weekdays, provided that the stone is not too massive.

By the way, about the size of the stones.

Young girls should not be zealous with them even at a gala reception at the Queen of Great Britain. The basic rule is that the older a woman is, the larger the stones in her jewelry. The same rule applies to the hands that adorn rings with precious stones – large hands – massive rings, and vice versa.

Fantasy stones and asymmetric solutions will help to divert attention from the imperfections of hands and fingers. Minimalistic, modest, thin rings adorn a flawless sleek handle with pretty fingers. By the way, all of the above is true not only for the female exit. Men’s rings with precious stones are gaining more and more popularity.

Men’s jewelry is unlikely to be able to regain its former historical grandeur of the middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Times, and is it really necessary? However, nothing emphasizes brutality and masculinity like a gold ring with a precious stone, for example, with an aggressive ruby. Stylists recommend that men wear rings on the little finger, index, or ring fingers, preferring square cut shapes.

These tips are for special occasions. If the ring is given as a memory of an event, then it should be remembered that:

For the engagement, a ring is given, which the girl will wear daily until the wedding. This ring can be with a large universal stone, transparent or in its color scheme (eye color, skin color).

If you want wedding rings with stones, choose medium-sized diamonds or rubies. This will make the ring comfortable for daily use. On the wedding anniversary, rings with three or five precious stones are given as a symbol of fidelity and a lasting relationship.

As you know, a ring with a gemstone, selected not only for its appearance, but also following the sign of the Zodiac, improves the positive effect of stones on the aura of its own. If a ring with a stone is chosen by the zodiac sign of the gifted – pay attention to the information.

What are the Most Popular Gemstone Engagement Rings?

What makes gemstone engagement rings special? A gold piece that came out of the hands of a true master is already a masterpiece, but if it is adorned with a precious stone, this is a different story!

The shine of a pure, properly cut stone in a gold setting is not just aesthetic pleasure. This is playing on the deepest strings of both the female and male souls, the awakening of genetic memory.

The special energy of precious stones was noted by our distant ancestors. Modern interpreters argue that scientific facts may well be behind superstitions and myths – the crystal lattices that form the molecular structure of the stone have a certain memory and energy and can enter into biochemical contact with their owner. Differences in the crystal lattice of different types of stones from differences in their properties and energetics.


Rings, earrings, pendants, and other jewelry with this emperor of precious stones are a win-win solution if you need to make a spectacular gift. A diamond is a versatile stone that goes dark, red, and blue-eyed.

A cut diamond (which is a diamond), as a rule, is a colorless stone, but there are also yellow, gray, greenish, reddish stones, a black diamond – the rarest phenomenon in this noble family. For a jeweler, the main value of a cut diamond is its weight, color, and clarity.

The higher these indicators, the more valuable the stone. In addition, an important point is the quality of the cut. The standard for a diamond is a 57 (58) facet round cut in three parts:

  • Crowns (top);
  • Girdle (the broadest part, the place where the crown goes to the pavilion);
  • Pavilion (bottom).

Since ancient times, a diamond has been considered a stone of kings, emperors, rulers; it can endow the owner with the strongest positive energy. Ideally, the diamond should be won or donated. To buy a diamond for personal use is to buy an “empty” stone.

Therefore, the donated diamond ring is all the more valuable – it is not just a beautiful and expensive piece of jewelry, it is a gift with initial energy that will only come over the years when the diamond comes into contact with its owner. As a talisman, a diamond ring should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Green Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

Emerald is a green gemstone. The richer and darker the color, the more expensive the stone is. Certain varieties of pure, flawless emeralds may be rated higher than diamonds. Pale green emeralds, even if the stone is large, are much less valuable.

Green Emerald Gemstone Engagement Rings

Classic Emerald-cut – Square or Rectangular Gemstone Engagement Rings

This green stone was (and still is) perhaps the most mysterious of the noble gem community. Kings and emperors, fearing poison, put it in wine as an antidote (at the same time they disinfected the drink – this ability was also attributed to the greenstone).

And having escaped from the poisoners, in the moments when there was a need to find out what was ahead, in the foggy future – they put it on the hand – it was believed that the emerald gives the owner the gift of foresight.

Small splashes of emerald properties – the stone helps to treat several rather serious diseases, cleanses the aura, helps protect love and preserve feelings. In this sense, an emerald ring is an ideal gift for your girlfriend. It is best to wear the ring on the little finger.

Red Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

The name “ruby” comes from the Latin “rubella” – red. The fiery color of ruby is given by metal oxides – aluminum, iron, chromium. If chromium oxide is present in the stone, the color of the ruby deepens to purple. These rubies are the most valuable.

Red Ruby Diamond Gemstone Engagement Rings

Ruby is the second difficult stone after diamond. In general, rubies and diamonds are quite close relatives, for example, the degree of the brilliance of a ruby is the highest among gemstones engagement rings and is comparable to a brilliant shine. Once a ruby was the most expensive stone, more expensive than a diamond (a diamond gained its modern popularity and value only at the beginning of the 20th century).

The aggressive red color endows the ruby (and that, in turn, its owners) with the appropriate properties: courage, strength, dignity, faith. As a medicine, it is also irreplaceable – it can cleanse and stop blood (predictably!), Improve memory and restore strength after an illness.

Paracelsus even practiced the treatment of cancerous tumors with a ruby. This stone is simply necessary for people of risky professions – warriors, sailors, travelers. In the modern reader – climbers, parachutists, or, for example, firefighters.

So if your girlfriend is snowboarding, give her a red ruby engagement ring. Just do not forget to take it off after she “descends from the mountains”: you cannot wear a ruby all the time, it takes energy away.

Sapphire Gemstone Engagement Rings

In its classic sense, sapphire is a dark blue transparent gem. Its color is given by a compound of iron and titanium oxides. However, in modern gemology, sapphire is called transparent colored corundum (minerals that are the basis of a precious stone and painted with oxidized metals) of gem quality of any color, except red and orange (such stones are called padparadscha).

Sapphire Gemstone Rings

Therefore, there are yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, and even green sapphire. However, these shades of carbuncle (the ancient name for sapphire) are considered fancy. The common color of sapphire is blue. According to its energetic properties, sapphire is the antipode of ruby.

It calms, relaxes, and pacifies. Therefore, it was used in medicine for diseases of the spirit rather than the body – in the treatment of demoniacs, hysterics, and epilepsy. In ancient times, sapphire was considered the stone of nuns and virgins, as it helped to curb the flesh and focus on the spiritual side of life.

The soothing properties of sapphire may be overkill for melancholic, low-energy individuals. But a lively and active personality sapphire harmonizes and filled with spirituality and clarity of thought.

Sapphire needs a gold frame, it is better to wear it as a pendant around the neck. A sapphire ring is also a great solution for this gem.

Pink Gemstone Engagement Rings

A natural pink diamond is a color variation of the diamond that is very rare. The color is formed by specific geological forces.

Pink Gemstone Diamond Engagement Rings

The gallery rearranged real photographs of rings with pink diamonds, created by jewelers of the Israel Diamond Exchange from 2009 to 2007. The rarity of the central inserts leaves no doubt that each piece of jewelry exists in a single copy.

Several of them are real works of jewelry, while the stones have additional color shades: brownish, purple, violet, which emphasize their uniqueness. A variety of models from a thin wedding ring with a pink fancy circle in a circle to chic rings with large pink diamonds of various cut shapes amaze with their beauty, to which few can remain indifferent.

The pink diamonds have a very subtle color and are a nice variation on colorless diamonds. You can easily combine them in different types of engagement rings, such as a halo ring or solitaire ring.

Is a diamond with a pink color suitable as a gemstone in an engagement ring?

Diamonds come in twelve different colors, with over 230 possible color combinations. With the growing popularity of colored diamonds, coupled with the romantic connotation of the color pink, it’s no surprise that pink diamonds in engagement rings are the most popular, regardless of the price tag.

Red and pink are also the colors of love. A ring with such a diamond makes the marriage proposal extra unique.

Not only is the ring a showpiece, but the diamond can also even serve as an investment diamond. And how about the color pink and a heart-shaped diamond? That combination is perfect if your future is a romantic soul and likes to wear very feminine jewelry.

Black Gemstone Diamonds Engagement Rings

As you may already know, diamonds symbolize true love. But what about black diamonds? Black diamond is the hardest form of an all-natural diamond. We discover them in places where there are no other diamonds around. That is why black diamonds stand for originality, strength, and authority.

Black Gemstone Engagement Rings

There are various reasons to be the big question with a black diamond ring instead of a white diamond ring. There are many styles of black diamond engagement rings. Differing from solitaires to big bold statement rings. Some prefer a modest ring, such as a solitaire setting with one black diamond.

Still, others go all out. You can opt for a different design with a combination of black and white diamonds. Especially the larger rings make you stand out and stand out from the crowd. But of course, it depends on what you and your partner like.

Luckily, we have all the black diamond rings you can imagine. You can choose a loose diamond yourself or opt for one of the preset designs in our Gemistone Online Jewelers store. One thing is specific: a black diamond is for a unique person.

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