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Discover 12 Different Types of Bracelets: Pick your Favorite One!!

Discover 12 Different Types of Bracelets Pick your Favorite One!!

The first bracelets were found to correspond to the Bronze Age. Over time, this accessory has changed its meaning to become a decorative piece. Today there are many types of bracelets, there are models for each type of person and style.

Are you a fan of bracelets? Who does not! One of the accessories that can never be missing in our wardrobe are bracelets, these small pieces of jewelry that, believe it or not, can make a difference so that your outfit is as chic as possible. Bracelets are a versatile and easy-to-wear fashion accessory, while anklets add subtle flair to an often overlooked part of the body.

They say that tastes break genres, and this can be seen reflected in all types of bracelets that exist, as it depends on the style, design, colors, textures and even the ease of use or comfort you are looking for in them. Surely it has happened to you that you like a bracelet but it is difficult to put it on, this makes you think about your daily life and you ask yourself, how am I going to put on that bracelet quickly?

What is a Bracelet?

The word bracelet has been formed etymologically from the suffix -era, from the Latin -aria, on the word pulse, which, when designating the intermittent beating of the arteries, ended up referring to the part of the wrist on which it is placed.

The term bracelet is a diminutive of the word brazal, which has its etymological origin from the Latin Bracchiale, from Pluto (S. III-II BC) and which referred to any ornament, bracelet or protection that is put on the arm. The word bracelet is also attributed to the French Brachialle which denotes bracelet.

The bracelet is a decorative element that is worn on the wrists, mainly, although there are the term anklets, which is a bracelet that is placed on the ankles.

The word bracelet or bracelet is the general way of referring to any ornament or jewel on the wrist. It can be of any material, and it can also be flexible, they are normally closed at the end of their ends.

Bracelets in Antiquity

The Ancient Past of Bracelets

The Ancient Past of Bracelets

In antiquity, the first signs of the bracelet date back to the Bronze Age, where some specimens were found, and characters from the ancient Assyrian empire were observed in relief on them. The oldest belongs to the Neolithic, and are made from pieces of perforated shells.

In the Bronze Age, they were spiral or circular. The Egyptians used it in a cylindrical shape and two pieces with inlays. The Phoenicians like open rings and finished in animal heads.

In the Byzantine Empire, their use must have been minimal, so there are no copies that indicate that they were widely used. In the fifteenth century, it was used by knights as a badge in games of arms. In the modern age women as a luxury item. Currently, bracelets can be made of any material: metals, resins, polymers, fabrics, fabrics, wires, glass, plastics, paper and countless options and models, which we have within our reach and are part of our daily lives.

What is a Bangle?

The origin of the word bangle is from the Hindi Bangri, which means ring-shaped bracelet. The translation of bangle in Spanish is a bracelet. The bangle has a shape that can be circular, square, and other less common shapes, which are solid and simulate a ring. The bangle is a type of bracelet, completely closed.

What is a Cuff?

The cuff is a type of bracelet in which the cuffs or ends are open at both ends in C shapes, often oval to fit the wrist. The word cuff in English translates into Spanish as a fist, referring to the cuff of the shirt. It has been used throughout history. For its incredible ability to slide and mould over the wrists with ease.

Cuffs were worn by soldiers in war as defensive armor, as well as ornamental. The most iconic figure to wear the cuffs was Wonder Woman, who does not remember this character. Another famous Cuff would be the famous Maltese Cross Cuffs by Coco Chanel.

Difference between the Types of bracelets

Bangle vs Bracelet vs Cuff

Bracelet vs Bangle vs Cuff

The most outstanding differences between the types of bracelets: Bracelet, Bangle or Cuff are the following:

The bangle is made of solid material in the shape of a ring, the cuff must also be solid but with openings at the ends and the bracelet can be flexible. The bracelet and the bangle are round in shape, the cuff is usually oval to fit the wrist.
The bracelet is closed at the end, the bangle is closed similar to the ring, while the cuff is open at the ends and closes by pressure. Both the cuff and the bangle, being solid, have finite materials to use, while the bracelet can be made from any material.

Different Types of Bracelets

Bracelets are very versatile accessories that add a unique touch to clothing without you having to suffer when wearing them. There are bracelets for every situation and moment: perfect bracelets to go to work, for special events or to have a drink with friends.

Knowing a little about the different types of bracelets can make it easier to navigate your jewelry options. Bangles can be used on batteries, and are usually made of metal.

There are different bracelets for women, so many that at this moment you probably do not know what style you are using; take a look at the different types of bracelets for women and learn to determine which style you like best. I present the most common types that exist with a guide of images that can be used in a versatile way according to your style. Which one do you choose?

Celebrity Gives Ideas of Wearing Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets

A classic accessory, tennis bracelets are equally suitable with dressy or casual attire. The timeless and simple setting is designed to bring out the natural beauty of its often high-gloss gemstones and metals, making it a great investment piece. Tennis bracelets are slim, flexible and restful to wear. Semi-precious or precious stone versions can vary widely in weight and quality but must be well made and have a secure closure to avoid losing them.

They are more suitable for formal events since they are characterized by having a set of precious stones; they are thin, flexible and comfortable to wear. His name is derived from an incident in which tennis player Chris Evert broke his diamond bracelet during a match, and the match was stopped until the diamonds were recovered. The history of the Tennis Bracelet is more interesting and You should Know it Definitely.

Meghan Markle Gives a Major Goals for wearing Tennis Bracelet. According to Elle UK, Prince Harry Gave the Duchess of Sussex a $20,000 Bracelet on their Wedding Evening. We have a Wide Range of Authentic Natural Diamonds and Moissanite Tennis Bracelets Which can be more Affordable for your Pockets.

Cuff Bracelet

The cuff bracelet is wider and has an opening. They are usually created of metal, fabric, or leather.

There is a type of bracelet that is wider than the classic silver bracelet, to which it adds an opening that makes it easier to put it on. In addition to silver metals, it is very common to combine jewelry with leather bracelets, or, for example, with natural hunting resources in the form of hunting jewelry.

Heidi Klum paired a bizarre watch with her gold snake cuff Bracelet and a shining red Michael Kors suit at her new scent “Shine” launch in Toronto.

Charm Bracelet

Usually, a simple metal chain is decorated with ornaments or pendants. Charm bracelets are a meaningful way to mark important things and events, like the arrival of a new baby. These bracelets and their charms are perfect for passing down from generation to generation, adding memories along the way.

The charms themselves can be made from many different materials, from precious metals like gold and sterling silver to gemstones or glass.

Gigi Hadid’s Charm Bracelet on her upper hand Gives Complete goals for wearing Charms with causal wear and being updated on fashion trends.

Chain Bracelets

It consists of a metal chain normally closed with a lobster clasp or ring closure. It is one of the most used styles by both men and women. It is one of the unisex modalities of jewelry. Both men and women carelessly wear beautiful chain bracelets.

They are characterized by their metal construction (for example, silver), and the closure that is included to secure the piece of jewelry to the wrist: either a lobster-type clasp or a ring-type closure. In any case, the versatility of this jewel is reflected in the multiple mixes of tones and textures that we can devise to create unique jewels. Chains don’t have to be all the same! You know how I like the original. I’m very Phoebe at this.

Silver Chain bracelets are a magnificent gift for any event: from communion to a birthday or an engagement. Here I leave you some original gift ideas for when you do not know what to give to the couple or a father/mother.

In the above Picture, you can see that Zayn Malik wears a platinum Chain Bracelet and Jennifer Aniston Wear a Big Chain Bracelet in Yellow Gold.

Beaded Bracelets

Also known as costume jewelry, this type of bracelet is the most common. In all of them, you will find beads of different materials, from plastic to glass. You can find them combined with nylon thread, with snaps, spring and brass or wire. There is an extensive variety in their designs, sizes, colors, textures and shapes. Suitable for all kinds of personality styles. Do you already have yours?

Beaded bracelets have been with us since we were little since most of us learned to make them in the schoolyard or the park with our friends. There are infinite types of beaded bracelets, varying both the material and the shape or colors. Within the beaded bracelets, the most common are those with pearls or other round shapes. However, there are also flat, rectangular, square, triangular or irregular beads.

As for materials, beaded bracelets can be made of precious stones, wood, silver, different combinations of metals or acrylic material. The latter is the most common in jewelry pieces, due to its resistance and its affordable price. The thread that joins each of the beads can be elastic, fabric or leather.

Depending on the material of the beads, the bracelet will be perfect for one type of look or another. For example, pearl bracelets are a very elegant accessory, ideal for a dinner or a special occasion. They can be used together with a pearl necklace to add light to a black look or combine them with other stones for a more original style. In the case of beaded bracelets made of wood, silver or acrylic material, these can accompany you throughout the day, to go to the office, run errands or have a coffee.

Thread / String Bracelets

Thread, macramé or knot bracelets are a type of accessory closely associated with the hippie or the ’80s movement. They can be made at home manually and admit all kinds of colors and techniques. They are a very comfortable type of bracelet due to their materials and they resist the passage of time very well.

These bracelets are known as embroidered or handmade, without a doubt the most comfortable and practical. They do not hurt you, nor do you need to take them off to sleep or do any other type of activity, you do not run the risk of them getting stuck or breaking. These bracelets are usually the most colorful of all, the most common of this type are narrow designs but you can also find them as a bracelet type.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Red Thread Bracelet

Among the materials with which they are made, waxed thread, rat tail thread, hemp thread, Nylon or wool stand out. Paracord, which is a rope used during World War II for parachutes, is also very fashionable.

Since they are usually very colorful bracelets, they are used to a greater extent in the summertime. Several different colors and embroideries can be combined for a more striking look. You can wear a string bracelet with jeans and a T-shirt or with a white Ibizan dress to go out for cocktails. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Red Thread or String Bracelets gives a Major Goals of Wearing Red String Bracelets are a symbol of Success and Power.

Hoop Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are a very conventional type, just like Pearl bracelets. The bracelet is a type of gold, metal or silver bracelet that has larger dimensions. In addition, some have stones or some type of decorative ornament. It is worn on the upper part of the wrist, some even reach up to the elbow. However, with the change in fashion trends, we can find some bracelet designs that are worn on the wrist.

They are the rigid ones in the shape of a ring as its name says, these are metallic and can be flat or tube type. They are usually narrow so you can use them together or just one. My favorites are the ones with a charm, pompom, tassels or accessories. With this type of bracelet, you can also find those that already have large stones tied to the ring, or that are made with the wire with which they are tied. If you combine several of these you will look much better!

Hoop bracelets combine with all kinds of looks, whether with a casual style or a sophisticated one. On some occasions, they are the perfect accessory to differentiate a simple and neutral outfit. In these cases, it is possible to wear several of them at the same time, combining gold and silver to show off the accessory even more. When you want to do this, it is advisable to use earrings and a subtle choker, so as not to overload.

Kylie Jenner wears Gold and Diamond Bangle Hoop Bracelets and Gives a Stunning look by her outfits.

Slider Bracelets

Add a splash of glimmer to your costume with an adjustable slider bracelet. Or buy one for a friend for the ideal friendship gift and Buy one for your lover as a Devoted Valentine Gift. Our slider bracelets can fast be adjusted to check your wrist size, delivering you the flawless addition to any outfit. Light minimalist designs in silver and rose gold are on-trend and can be dressed up or down for a type of casual, work or formal experience. If you like to make a little more influence, glance for beads and pearls to upgrade simple outfits.

Gemstone and Pearl Bracelets

Gemstones create a colorful and somewhat more informal appearance than diamonds. Bracelets can feature a single type of stone, a mix of colors and cuts, or brightly colored gemstones interspersed with diamonds for dramatic contrast. Pearls are more fragile than most gemstones. You can also find gem or pearl-embellished ankle bracelets, but as with diamond tennis bracelets, you want to make sure you choose a style that hooks securely and won’t reach noticed on furniture, clothing, or anything else.

Bracelets with Pendants

It is a chain with Pendants that can be made of various materials and motifs. This type of bracelets for women and men usually arise as ideas for recycling jewelry that has been broken, but to which we have a sentimental attachment. Creating a bracelet with various pendants is one of the most fun and original pieces of jewelry you will ever wear.

That does not mean that you can make a personalized pendant bracelet to your liking. You know that I love a challenge, and although I am now absorbed by the news and orders of the hunting jewelry fair that I have attended, I am certainly eager to know what your next request will be. Perhaps a silver pendant bracelet to give away?

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are very widespread. Generally, the piece fits perfectly on the wrist and is fastened with a metal snap button. These types of bracelets are generally worn on casual occasions adorning the arms of men and women. A great trend that is more inclined towards people who have an elegant style in their weekend look or informal situations.

The skin or leather is characterized by having a dark black, brown or chocolate color combined with artisanal techniques. You can find these designs in different qualities and shapes such as thick, thin, with engraving, hand-painted, with cuts, with charms, strips and braided.

Leather bracelets are a very informal type of accessory that both men and women usually wear for occasions that do not require sophisticated clothing. Bracelets made of leather are a very old accessory, being very common in the ancient Egyptians. There are different colors, highlighting the characteristic brown of this material. However, they are also usually dyed in other colors such as green, black or burgundy. On the other hand, they can be completed with stones and other ornaments to give them a more original and striking appearance.

Customized Name Bracelets

These consist of a chain like the ones we have seen before, to which is added a plate engraved with the message we want. Surely, as a child, you had a silver birth bracelet, or perhaps as a communion gift. In my case, on some occasions, you have even asked me for silver ID bracelets with information (your name, lover name, Birthdates, some good words) on the insert. Curious as well as practical and elegant!

Do you already know which bracelet you are going to wear? If you still don’t have a bracelet with which you feel 100% comfortable, 100% yourself, we can solve it.

It consists of a chain and a solid plate with engraved names or Open Drop Initial Letters. These bracelets are common among friends or boyfriends to express their loyalty. There is also a medical identification bracelet for first responders to know the condition of the person wearing it.

How much does a Bracelet cost?

Generally, these types of accessories are usually quite accessible, of course, there is a variety whose cost is higher due to its brand or quality. We want you to acquire the best products and to feel comfortable with each purchase you make, so it is important to emphasize that when it comes to accessories, quality is extremely important so that they last longer. We know that you will find the ideal design for you at the best price. Therefore, it is estimated that tennis Bracelet prices are between $500, up to $3000. Affordable and incredible prices that will fit perfectly into your pocket.

Shopping Guide

When buying this type of accessories, the only thing that is usually taken into account in the design is if it is cute, if it has the ideal color, its size, or if it will combine with that outfit you have in mind. Yet, there are certain aspects that you should be aware of, as they will help you choose the perfect product for you.

Where to Buy a Diamond Bracelet?

There are many department stores where you can make your purchase and also, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the product in a more detailed way. Among them is Gemistone Jewelers. We are sure you will love our incredible exclusive designs, which you can combine with those outfits that you love so much.

If you want a broader search and from the comfort of your home, the best shopping opportunities will always be in our store, where you will find a wide variety of designs, colors, sizes and the best prices. We know you will be satisfied with your buy.


You already know the different options of bracelets, I love that each of them can be used for various occasions and with a unique style look. Now that you have seen these ideas, I hope you tell me which one is your favorite and share it with me. What accessory will you wear today? We read in the following post where I will give you a tutorial to make your bracelets.

Now that you know all the types of bracelets that you can use for your looks, you may be interested in another of our posts on how to organize your jewelry.

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