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The Oval Cut Diamond Shape

Oval Cut diamond have a timeless, mesmerizing beauty. It is a classic shape that gives a spectacular shine to both a pair of studs and an engagement ring. And opaque or colored stones acquire a magnetic charm. But years later oval cut more often than others, it is compared to round. Yes, there is a lot in common between them. But the first has a certain magic and its peculiarities, which the jewelry blog “Gemistone Jewelers” will tell about.

When you talk about a diamond, you might think of a round gemstone. The round diamond, also called brilliant, is undoubtedly the most famous of all diamond shapes. A cut that is very similar to the brilliant is the oval diamond. Just like the brilliant, the oval diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry. What makes the oval diamond so unique and what should you pay attention to when deciding on a piece of jewelry with an oval diamond?

In this blog, you will learn everything about the oval cut.

The History of the Oval Stone

Oval Cut Diamond

Oval Cut Diamonds have been around for centuries, but the modern cut wasn’t introduced until 1957. It was 1st executed by the Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan, who had discovered the craft from his famous uncle Abraham Tolkowsky. Kaplan became known for his skillful technique of splitting stones that had previously been classified as worthless or diamonds with large inclusions in such a way that the smaller stones were ultimately flawless. However, his big breakthrough came with the oval cut, which still secures him a place on the Olympus of diamond cutters.

Some of the most famous and exclusive engagement rings in the world now shine with Kaplan designs. Katie Holmes and Heidi Klum, among others, wear an Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and other Jewelry.

What Does the Oval Cut Diamond Mean?

The Oval Diamond has an elliptical cut which is very popular with ladies with small hands or short fingers. The elongated oval shape of this cut gives the flattering illusion of extra long, elegant fingers. In addition, the oval diamond offers a sparkling brilliance that can approach that of a round brilliant.

The oval diamond offers a perfectly symmetrical design with an elliptical cut that is very popular with ladies with small hands or short fingers. The elongated shape of this cut gives the flattering illusion of extra-long, elegant fingers. In addition, the oval diamond offers a sparkling brilliance that can approach that of round brilliants.

The modern oval cut is an interesting choice for someone who likes the twinkling brilliance of the traditional round brilliant but needs a slightly less mundane shape.

Basic Information about Oval Shape

An oval cut diamond provides excellent shine, durability, and personal style. For this diamond shape, we recommend an H shade or better and an SI1 or SI2 for clarity.

The Oval Cut Diamond is an exceptional choice for those who want to have a beautiful, unique diamond. The elongated design of the Oval often appears larger than other diamond shapes in equal carat weight, such as how this 1.01 carat Oval Diamond looks quite large in its yellow gold halo setting. An oval diamond can also make the wearer’s hand and fingers appear slimmer.

What is the Oval Cut Diamond Quality?

Oval Cut Diamond Quality, Oval Cut Diamond

The most vital element in any diamond is the quality of the cut, which affects the stone’s fundamental beauty and structure, along with its ability to provide brilliance and fire. Although the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) waits for specific shapes, such as Brilliant Round Diamond cuts, it does not for oval cut diamonds.

In this layer, the traditional cutting parameters for an excellent Oval Cut aren’t possible, due to the complex and unique structure of this Oval Diamond. Despite what someone explains, it is no magic combination for table % or depth %. All cut recommendations for oval diamonds should be considered known and mostly subjective.

Above all, the beauty of an Oval Diamond Shape is determined by what you and the wearer sees. View Oval Cut Diamonds thoroughly and ideally let a diamond specialist assist you. Instead of hoping you make a smart decision with your purchase, make sure you do.

How many Facets do an Oval Cut Diamond Have?

Oval Cut Facets, Oval Cut Diamond

57 faces, 33 of which are at the top, and 24 are in the pavilion, at the bottom of the Oval Diamond. There are options with 53, 55, and 58 sides. Oval Shaped diamonds always looks impressive, but when buying, make sure that there is no “butterfly effect” in the center of the stone. These are dark areas in the center of the site, which significantly impact the brilliance and play of light.

How To Choose Oval Diamond Shape?

When you buy an oval diamond online, pay close attention to the length-width ratio. It largely determines how the stone will look when viewed from above. Oval diamonds can come in many proportions. However, the most traditional oval diamonds have a length-to-width ratio between 1.33 and 1.66. However, some prefer a slightly longer, thin shape, while others opt for a somewhat shorter, compact shape.

You choose an oval diamond for its sparkling brilliance. Therefore, choose a stone with the highest possible cutting quality and color that your budget allows.

Our minimum recommendation for buying oval cut diamonds is as follows (however, these suggestions are no more than our personal opinion, which may differ from your taste or preference):

  • Grinding quality: good
  • Color: G
  • Purity: SI2
  • Depth %: 58-66%
  • Table %: 51-64%

Which is the Perfect Setting and benefits of Oval Cut Stone?

The enormous advantage of such inserts is the absence of sharp edges, and therefore not as vulnerable as a princess or marquises. The products perfectly withstand everyday wear, and if they are also fixed correctly, securely, then you have the perfect decoration.

Oval Cut Diamonds and other stones look great in all jewelry. It does not matter whether the insert is soloing or is part of a jewelry composition. Oval cut diamonds are versatile, which means they can look good in almost any setting. The best options usually have four or six prongs to show the shape of the stone. Oval cut inserts also look great in blind frames.

But one of the most beautiful oval frames is Halo or Halo. This adds sparkle and makes the diamond look as beautiful as possible. The halo also emphasizes the elongated shape of the diamond and sets it apart from other cuts.

Famous Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

While not the most traditional choice, diamond engagement rings with an oval diamond are particularly beautiful. Both in solitaire settings and in settings where the center stone is accentuated by several side stones, the oval diamond is very popular. Oval diamonds should be set in a ring setting with 6 feet. Keep this in mind when choosing a ring for your oval diamond.

Blake Lively Ariana Grande Salma Hayek and Heidi Klum wearing Oval Cut diamond Shape Rings

Here are some best examples to see the Famous Oval Cut Diamond Ring worn by Celebrity; This oval cut diamond engagement ring set in an oval shape 18-carat solitaire rose gold is the beautiful piece at the Gemistone Jewelers Online Store. The jewel was worn by Princess Diana from 1981 until her divorce from Prince Charles, and today it adorns Kate Middleton’s ring finger. Lucky to get engagement decoration with an oval diamond and another star. Justin Bieber presented this to his beloved, model Hailey Bieber. Even if these names don’t mean anything to you, just admire the decoration! The price of the jewelry from the Solow & Co brand is $ 500 million.

In addition to the two girls we mentioned above, rings with oval inserts are or have been worn by Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, Salma Hayek, and Heidi Klum. So if you choose oval stones, you will be in great company. Another celebrity, stone called Pink Star, we wrote earlier – its cost at the auction was $ 71.2 million. Both the color 59.60 and the size are impressive!

The undeniable advantage of oval cut stones is their timeless, yet sophisticated style. They are visually similar to round gemstones in their elegant shape. But they have their zest, which sets them apart from the jewelry crowd.

The widest selection of oval white moissanite diamond, black oval cut diamonds can be found at Gemistone Jewelers.

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