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The Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Ideal Wedding Ring

The Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Ideal Wedding Ring, wedding ring sets

Has the time finally come to pick out your wedding ring sets? Yes! But uhm, what are you paying attention to? We tell you everything you need to know before choosing your Wedding Rings!

History of the Wedding Ring

History of the Wedding Rings

The history of the wedding ring is mysterious and started on the lush banks of the Nile with the ancient Egyptians. The wedding ring is an eternal circle, a symbol of eternity. Like time, the wedding ring has no beginning or end. He keeps coming back to the same thing, just like life. The wedding ring sets thus symbolizes the eternal bond between man and woman. In life and death and in good and bad.

The hole in the ring has a special meaning. It is the symbol of the passage to all events in the wearer’s life. The ancient Egyptians thought that from the ring finger of the left hand the ‘Vena Amoris’ (the vein of love) ran directly to the heart. Some people therefore still wear their wedding ring on the left ring finger.

In the USA wedding rings are often made of gold, silver, platinum, or a combination of these. Roman couples often opted for an iron ring.

We inherited the United States tradition of exchanging wedding rings from the Romans. When they got married, they gave each other a wedding ring sets as an official pledge of commitment. Most wedding traditions in the United States were incorporated from other, generally European, countries. 

Marriages in the U.S. are generally arranged by the participants and ceremonies may either be religious or civil. In extra, it was a clear statement that man and woman are connected. 

What is the Meaning of a Wedding Ring?

The wedding ring used to be a gift from the man to his wife-to-be. He picked out the ring and gave it to his wife. From the 19th century, the man also started wearing a wedding ring sets. Nowadays, the partners often select a ring together.

Most married couples wear the wedding ring on the right ring finger after marriage. Roman Catholics often wear it on the left.

Nowadays, wedding ring sets are increasingly decorated with gemstones that represent symbolic value, such as:

• The ruby ​​as a symbol of the Heart

• The Sapphire as a reflection of the sky

• The Diamond as a beacon of unbreakable love

• Aquamarine for a Happy married life 

• Moonstone for Happiness

• Turquoise for willpower

Worth Knowing about Wedding Rings

Since their origin thousands of years ago, rings have been considered the symbol of the infinite. Like wedding ring sets, they also symbolize the unity of the bridal couple, who will share their lives.

Fun fact of Wedding Ring: 

As long as the wedding ring has been around, since ancient Egypt, it has been worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is the only finger directly connected to the heart. The connection is called the ‘Vena amoris’, ‘the vein of love. 

Furthermore, the shape of the wedding ring sets is also important, a circle stands for infinity. The eternal connection between two lovers. It is a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life, so it must of course be beautiful… And let Gemistone Jewelers have a large assortment of beautiful wedding ring sets, for everyone and every budget!

On which Hand do you wear a Wedding Ring?

In the USA, wedding rings are generally worn on the ring finger of the right hand by Catholics and the left by Protestants. Other countries, however, there are different customs for this. In Germany, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, and Norway, for example, it is customary to always wear the ring on the right. 

This stems from the belief that the right hand is the most suitable as it is used to sign official documents, such as a (marriage) contract. The tradition of the left hand, which according to ancient times is connected to the heart through a vein, is still alive in Western countries such as Netherland, Spain, France, Italy, and Russia. The choice of which finger to wear the ring on is up to you. Fortunately, there are no rules for wearing a wedding ring sets, so this decision is up to the individual.

How to Determine Your Wedding Ring Size?

The ring size is essential when choosing the perfect piece of jewelry and must be entered on our homepage during the ordering process. Our rings range from ring size 4 Us (thin fingers, womens wedding rings diameter 14.3 mm) to ring size 10 Us(wide fingers, usually men’s ring, diameter 23.9 mm). If you don’t know your measurements, you can order a free Ring Size from Gemistone Jewelers. 

Click here for our Ring Size: Measuring Wedding Ring Size

This makes measuring your finger easy. Keep in mind that fingers can swell with heat during the day. So it makes the most sense to determine the ring size around noon on an average warm day. 

In addition, the size should always be measured on the finger of the hand on which the ring will be worn later. Fingers are of different sizes and not equal on both hands. Our ring sizer fits like a narrow band around your finger and measures like a tape measure, but with smaller units. 

All you need to do is make a loop with the strap, which you secure by pulling the end of the strap through the indicated slot. Now you can put the ring on so that it fits comfortably on your finger. To be sure, you can take the ring size on and off a few times to check that the future ring will not be too tight or too loose. You can then easily read the exact ring size with the supplied magnifying glass.

Find out What Styles of Wedding Rings there are:-

Then dive into the different wedding ring sets styles out there. Do you like tight or soft shapes? Do you want a simple ring or do you prefer to go all the way with a series of diamonds? You will find numerous wedding rings online. Searching is just that little bit easier if you can narrow down your search and filter on your favorite styles! What styles of wedding rings do you like? 

Classic Wedding Rings: Less is more!! The classic wedding ring excels in simplicity and often consists of one color gold, rose gold, or white gold, and is optionally inlaid with one or more stones.

Modern Wedding Rings: These versatile wedding ring sets are characterizs by sleek, angular, or playful details. The modern wedding ring can have an overflow or be made of a combination of several types of material. Think of a bicolor or even a tricolor wedding ring.

Vintage Wedding Ring: Are You Vintage Lover? Go for a vintage wedding ring look with a white gold or gold wedding ring with colored gemstones, large square or rectangular diamonds.

Boho Wedding Ring: Think of beautiful, ornate gold or white gold wedding ring sets, possibly inlaid with precious stones or rubies.

Tough Wedding Ring: Robust designs with a sassy look. Opt for a wide ring binder, possibly with modern treatments, and made for a powerful, distinctive type of material, such as titanium or wood! 

Minimalist Wedding Ring: Refined, narrow rings in gold, rose gold, or white gold, possibly inlaid with one or more stones.

Choose the best Metals for your Dream Wedding Ring?

Many wedding rings are made of precious metal and for good reason: precious metal remains beautiful and does not rust. Quite important, since hopefully, you will have to spend your whole life with a wedding ring! In addition to precious metals, non-precious metals such as steel are now also used. The choice of material is an important first option because this largely determines the appearance of your wedding ring sets! Therefore, the most commonly used materials for wedding rings in a row, so that you make the right choice when selecting rings.

Gold Wedding Ring: Valuable Life Partners

Take a standard wedding ring in mind and chances are it is made of gold. Gold wedding rings are made of precious metal and remain beautiful. Today, three varieties are commonly used: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Pure gold is too soft to wear, hence it is mixed with other metals to make it harder. The color of the gold, therefore, depends on the alloy (the metal mixture).

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Yellow Gold Wedding Rings – For a Wedding Vow with Class

The classic wedding ring has been made of yellow gold for many centuries. Therefore, this material represents the gold ring itself, even though the models have changed a lot over time. 

This makes your jewelry a lifelong companion, which you will find at Gemistone Jewelers in 10k, 14k, 18k carats. Yellow gold rings are very versatile and can look both romantic and modern. A yellow gold wedding ring sets remains the classic for your wedding vows and shows the person probably most dear in your life, on every joint day of your wedding, how much you feel attached to him or her.

White Gold Wedding Rings – Durability for a Lifetime 

The white-silvery shine of white gold wedding rings delights many couples. The exceptionally beautiful coloring of the gold is creating by the addition of palladium and a small amount of silver. The result of this alloy is a soft discoloration of the precious metal, which looks very modern and stylish.

A particularly valued characteristic of white gold is its durability. Moreover, this material is excellently suites to, for example, show diamonds to their best advantage. If you like to wear a lot of jewelry or jewelry in different colors, this property of white gold may be of interest to you, because you don’t have to leave your other rings or tennis bracelets at home in exchange for your wedding ring. 

Rose Gold Wedding Rings 

Eye-catching Color Tones for Your Ring Finger – A rose gold ring is one of the trendiest jewelry of recent years for a reason. The warm color of this alloy, which is obtained by mixing gold with silver, copper, and zinc, is very pleasing to the eye. No matter what skin type you have, with a, rose gold wedding band you will not only attract attention but also receive many compliments for your good taste. Unobtrusive and hip at the same time, these jewels make every hand shine. 

Platinum Wedding Rings – High-Quality Jewelry with Style

Many couples who want to get married fall in love with the durable platinum rings, knowing that they will last a lifetime. Platinum shows hardly any signs of use on the material even after years and hardly wears out during daily use. In addition to their durability, the wedding rings are made of platinum valued mainly for their timeless value. The white-silver color of the material radiates this exclusivity every day. In addition, the high density ensures that it is very strong. 

The alloy with small amounts of other metals such as copper, zinc, tungsten, ruthenium, and silver is common to increase the strength of the wedding rings. The result is wedding ring sets that are hardly susceptible to any form of corrosion. 

What do Wedding Rings Cost?

How much does the average American spend on a wedding ring? Each wedding ring has a different price tag. What wedding rings cost depends on the material, the model, the stones, engravings, and of course there is a difference in the wedding ring brands. 

What is the Average Cost? According to Brides’ American Wedding Study, the average couple spent $3,756 on an engagement ring in 2020, which is less than the $7,829 paid in 2018. However, some brides-to-be spend somewhat less, while others spend significantly more. Have you agreed on a budget? Visit Our Online Store Right Now!!

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Buy Affordable Wedding Rings at Gemistone Jewelers

You can buy the most beautiful cheap wedding rings at Gemistone Jewelers. We are one of the largest and most affordable wedding ring sets suppliers in the USA, Uk, AUS, etc. 

Wedding rings are made especially for you. Only on the day that you order your ring, does Schalins starts forging it. So as soon as you have chosen the perfect wedding rings, they must be ordered in time so that the wedding rings can be made especially for you. It is also possible with personal engraving in the rings to make them even more personal!

At Wedding Rings Advantage we produce a large volume of rings. This means that in addition to offering a beautiful and diverse range, we can also offer the rings at competitive prices! Also, we offer the best quality products with Free Shipping services worldwide.

Have Fun looking for Wedding Rings!

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