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Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Women 2022

Top 10 Unique Gift Ideas For Women 2022

Are you looking for the unique gift ideas for women? Here is different, fun, and personal gift tips for your colleague, sister, friend, or another woman that you want to please. These suggestions are suitable as a birthday present, thank you, and for other occasions with her in the spotlight.

International Women’s Day is coming. You know what it means – every lady in your life is looking forward to a special gift. Not sure what to present for this day?

Deciding what to please on March 8 is quite difficult, but if you want to surprise, shopping for your loved ones will be a real pleasure. Fortunately, there are many stores where you can get everything you need for the holidays and everyday life while saving time.

Their fun can end the next morning and no one even sees that there was a rip-off party yesterday.

A unique gift ideas for women does not have to consist of a hastily bought bouquet of roses or a sweet chocolate box. You can buy a creative gift for her, with which you will positively surprise your wife, partner, mother, or sister, even for a small sum.

Get to know our gift suggestions for her not only on Women’s Day!

Get to know our gift suggestions for her not only on Women's Day!

A gift for her seems to be an easier choice than a gift for him – stores offer lots of products for women, not just for Women’s Day. But donors sometimes leave the choice of a gift at the last minute or choose proven unique gift ideas for women, usually flowers or sweets. If you are tired of the obvious and want to surprise a woman near you with something cheap and original, we present 10 unique gift ideas for women not only on Women’s Day. We hope you are inspired!

Why International Women’s Day is needed

Is it then necessary to continue to pay attention to International Women’s Day on March 8 every year?

They had wished that the day was not needed. But there are still many reasons why we must continue to fight for the situation of women around the world.

International Women’s Day was established in the early 20th century to shed light on the situation of women in the world. In 1978, the day received UN recognition and has since been included in the list among all other public holidays. The reason why the day has come is to draw attention to inequality and the situation of women.

Historically, men have led society, and in a patriarchal society, where men have primary power and leading positions, have had a major impact on how society is structured.

That’s why Women’s Day is needed

But is Women’s Day still needed? After all, there have been major changes in society.

– Unfortunately, we are far from an equal world. It is a long way to go and it takes time to change. You wish the day would not be needed, but unfortunately, it is a must. There are still several areas that need attention.

The situation is very gloomy in many countries in the world, even though in Sweden it is relatively good. However, it is still not completely equal between the sexes.

– There is a lot of injustice in society. Women are abused, have lower wages than men, and are more often on sick leave, which speaks its clear language.

Although women often have higher grades, men still have a clear lead in terms of both jobs and managerial positions.

How should we change the Situation?

If we are to bring about change, it is important that everyone, men and women, take into account and help, but it is not easy.

– It takes time to change, different cultures, traditions, and countries have different situations and have come different distances in their gender equality.

As usual, Women’s Day is celebrated around the world, but the pandemic will make it a little more difficult this year. However, the digital world is a great help in the current situation. This year, Women’s Day is celebrated digitally in several different ways.

What to Buy for Women’s Day?

To choose the unique gift ideas for women in March 8, you must first define your relationship with the woman you want to gift the gift. Certain gifts will be appropriate in the case of an official relationship only and others in the case of a close relationship (but again, the type and level of intimacy must be clearly defined).

Discover some ideas for example for a gift on women’s day!

Unique Chocolate for International Women’s Day

Unique Chocolate for International Women's Day

Chocolate can also be an interesting gift, including on International Women’s Day. Chocolate is always a success, even on that day, but we can also propose you something special.

These is one of the most popular holiday gifts for women in 2020 and with good reason. It is unlikely that a beloved woman will be able to resist the presented candies wrapped in a beautifully designed box of delicious chocolate.

Today there is a wide range of handmade gift chocolates. The trays are decorated with dried fruits and nuts. They cannot leave any woman indifferent. Their different types from bars to sweets in packaging make it possible to choose an original gift for each one. And this opportunity might be perfect to give this variety a try as well.

Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

It is a gift for her that will benefit every woman – both a busy businesswoman and a no less busy mother of toddlers. A relaxing massage soothes the senses, helps with fatigue, relieves pain in the shoulders, back and legs relax. The masseur kneads beats, rubs, and pats the body.

Massage Course for Couples

Massage Course for Couples

Massage is a great activity to do in pairs – it is the oldest method to avoid stress and stiff muscles. Plus it’s very nice!

During a massage course, you will learn everything you need to know about how to perform a classic massage on each other, such as massaging tense shoulders and stiff necks.

This is a nice unique gift idea for women to give away to your partner. Partly as a way to do something fun together. But also for all the wonderful moments, you can have together after the course.


Planner, Flower, Plant

Women like to be well organized, and nothing makes it possibly better than a planner. Scheduled meetings, purchases to be made, goals to be achieved, the most important events – all in one and modern “notebook”. Potted flowers are a traditional gift for women of all ages. 

If traditional bouquets fade quickly, and when you choose live plants, the gift will delight you for a long time. It can be hyacinths or crocuses in beautiful pots. Flowers will both remind you of the arrival of spring and cheer you up.

Cachepot for a flower pot is a spectacular gift for flower lovers. Women involved in plants will definitely like this gift.

A Woman’s Best Friend is… Diamonds!

A Woman's Best Friend is… Diamonds!-min (1)

Exactly, used to be repeated, Diamonds were the best friends of a woman or girls. However, we are careful, that this information hides only a grain of truth, but it’s this grain that we are going to deal with today. Well, women, regardless of age or fashion, are always happy to accept gifts in the form of diamond jewelry. 

Let’s not kid ourselves, Marilyn Monroe was right, many women would love to receive a diamond, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t despair. However, such a gift does not have to be expensive, important because it expresses our feelings and emotional approach to the beloved Lady.

Choosing Best Jewelry in Silver/White/Yellow/Rose Gold

When choosing the unique gift ideas for women, without hesitation, visit our online Gemistone Jewelry store and among the numerous, for example, silver tags choose this one, which best describes your feelings. Other we have white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold tags products available.

In passing, however, we will give some hints, that the universal designs are, for example, hearts (also in a variant that allows you to break into two halves, thus creating two different tags – for her and him), zodiac signs themes, be also delicate flowers; nota bene preferably with cubic zirconia as an accessory or another stone. 

 As we’ve said, the most important thing is the detail, so buy what you use the most of what you think would make her happy (earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, etc.). 

Of course, nothing prevents you from buying another gift, whether in the form of rings or earrings. I, as long as your account balance permits it, invest in an ore other than silver. Such a beautiful detail will not go unnoticed.

Gemistone Jewelers is also taking the opportunity of International Women’s Day to pay tribute to the strength, courage, and beauty of women. They do this in the form of a new jewelry collection, which is all about International Women’s Day.

The collection includes International Women’s Day charms. You can combine them all on your bracelet or necklace, or wear them as a separate pendant. Buy it direct our Gemistone Jewelers online webshop. We love it!


Pralines, Nuts, Almonds

The perfect combination of two of life’s wonderful pleasures. Who can resist that? This is a detail you can find in specialty stores as well as supermarkets, and you’ll want the reverend to share it with you. Once you buy them, don’t forget that it’s not a bad idea to present them elegantly. For this purpose, we have craft paper bags with flirty design handles, ideal for carrying bottles comfortably and practically.

On the other hand, we have boxes for sweets and pralines of different sizes and exterior finishes in gold, brown, and white to surprise you.

Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for the Traveler, USA, UK, AUS

Some women can’t do without traveling! It is difficult for them to sit in one place; they are always looking for new impressions and stimuli. By picking women’s day gifts for travelers it is worth referring to their hobby and emphasizing that they are supported in life decisions!

For women who like to visit warm countries, wine glasses are a wonderful gift. After opening a bottle of alcohol that they brought from their trip or bought in a corner shop, they can sit in a chair or on the patio with a filled barrel in hand and remember a favorite place in their heads! Such a gift to a woman needs one more addition – presence and hearing.

The journey doesn’t have to belong and long. This is a sensational idea for everyday springtime as a gift for a friend on Women’s Day!


Economic - LED, Laptop, Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, I-Wacth

If you decide to give a cheap gift, we recommend that you think about what this woman usually uses every day (wallets, purses, accessories for the mobile phone, laptop or gym, clothes, and accessories…) and why not something to do with a hobby she is passionate about? Books, music, favorite series or movies, and their accompanying merchandising… the possibilities are endless.

Please note that these gifts will appear in a different light if they are wrappes in craft paper in different colors.

Perfume or Cosmetics

Perfume or Cosmetics

But if you want your gift to last longer, you can buy items like fragrance or branded perfume, cosmetics, or makeup kits. Although these are classic gifts, they are always a pleasure to receive. These classic gifts can also be original, for example, if you make the cosmetics or decorative object yourself.

Last but not Least – Clothes?

Last but not Least – Clothes

Buying clothes is a unique gift ideas for women; also it is quite a risky choice. Even knowing the dimensions of our partner perfectly well, we are never able to expect, first of all – does our Lady like the cut of the outfit, and second – clothes (even despite the proper size, it will fit well on a woman’s body.

However, when it comes to clothes, it is also universal solutions. So let us remember Women’s Day and the extremely important role, how these fragile and delicate creatures, play every day in our lives.

FAQs: Frequelty Asked Question

When is International Women’s Day?

All over the world, women are honored and celebrated on March 8th. It is a significant occasion to recognize the achievements of women and to highlight the importance of women’s rights and equality. We wish you a happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Do you know what International Women’s Day is all about?

In the United States, International Women’s Day was established in 1909. Since then it has been an international holiday. Women’s Day celebrates the rights, achievements, and journey towards equality for women around the world.

How can you celebrate International Women’s Day 2021?

This year, there are several ways to commemorate International Women’s Day. Whether you want to demonstrate for women’s rights or arrange to meet your girlfriends for a girls’ night out, or whether you are a man with the woman or women who play an important role in your life, watch a film on the subject or go out to eat together – use it the opportunity to honor the importance of women.

Even more Inspiration for unique gift ideas for women

Do you just have no inspiration at all? Then we hope that we have been able to help you on your way and inspire you. Also keep an eye on our unique gift ideas for women on this Women’s day blog, where we regularly write about gift guides with nice gifts for women.

 And of course, there is also a nice gift in between. It’s not that hard to make women happy. So surprise your lady with a great gift from Gemistone Jewelers.

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