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The Most Beautiful Celebrity’s Richest Engagement Rings

The Most Beautiful Celebrity Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings  – The Most Richest and Beautiful Celebrities 

The tradition of giving brides engagement rings is a product of successful marketing campaigns in the new era. For now, it is taking root a little bit with us: the classic engagement ring with a diamond is very expensive. Nevertheless, the most advances and wealthy couples follow the trends of the world wedding fashion, choosing the most beautiful engagement rings after the world’s celebrities. It means the most famous celebrity engagement ring!!

Now let’s take a closer look at the engagement rings of the stars of the universal scale. If you can’t afford such exclusive beauty, just admire it. You can even envy a little!

It is believed that the more expensive the engagement ring, the more serious the groom’s intentions are. It’s not worth selling an apartment or a car for the sake of buying it, but it is not recommends to save too much on an engagement ring!

For the sake of loved ones, money is not a problem.

Most people who want to tie a relationship to a more serious level, will get engaged or propose. One symbol of the bond of a relationship is a ring. Jewelry that is pinned on this finger becomes an important item in the moment of engagement or proposal.

Rings have a very important meaning in a relationship. Engagement Rings are usually only worn by women, including celebrities. Some celebrities do not hesitate to spend deeply to give special rings to their partners.

With special designs and beautiful models, it’s no wonder this celebrity engagement ring is expensive. However, happiness cannot be measured by the price of a ring. Whose engagement ring has the most expensive price?

We provides the best information about compiles a row of the most favorite celebrity names who expensive engagement rings have reported from the richest.


Mary of Burgundy and Archduke Maximilian

Celebrity, Mary of Burgundy and Archduke Maximilian - Cutting Diamond Engagement Ring

Let’s start our diamond-studded excursion with the first mention of an engagement ring. Lovers and very rich husbands may have delights brides with similar jewelry before, but history has preserved only evidence of the presentation of a diamond ring, dated 1477.

The main characters are Mary of Burgundy and Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg. In those days, the marriages of the powerful of this world were completed mainly for political and economic reasons. The story of Mary and Maximilian is no exception, but the bride was really pretty, and the groom was passionately in love.

Celebrity, Cutting Diamond Engagement Ring

For the engagement (not yet the wedding!) Maximilian presented Maria with a ring decorated with diamond plates. The letter M was laid out from them, as a declaration of the targeting of the gift. The ring was made for the beloved bride. In the modern opinion, there is nothing special about this ring, but one should not forget that in those days select jewelers were engaged in cutting diamonds. In the then state of the art, the creation of diamond plates was the pinnacle of the art of jewelry. The ring was worth fantastic money!

Grace Kelly and Rainier III

Celebrity Grace Kelly and Rainier III - Give Red Ruby with Tiny Round Diamond Engagement Ring

In the middle of the last century, the wedding of American Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III made a lot of noise. Many considered the wedding a misalliance: a simple actress and ruler of Monaco with a magnificent pedigree!

But it depends on how you look: Grace came from a very wealthy family and at that time was one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, and the well-being of Monaco was still a matter of the future.

During the visit, Rainier III first presented the bride with a fairly simple ring (well, by the standards of monarchs) with rubies and tiny diamonds – in the color of the fur of arms of the princely family.

But then the well-wishers hinted that it is customary in Hollywood to stun brides with giant diamonds, and the prince corrected the mistake. He presented Grace with a luxurious platinum ring with an emerald-cut diamond weighing more than 10 carats, surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Left – an engagement ring in the colors of the coat of arms of the Prince of Monaco, right. A ring from Cartier This jewel, created by the House of Cartier, is valued at over $ 4 million. And rumor claims that Grace bought this ring herself (or certainly partially financed the purchase) to avoid misinterpretation.

Grace managed to win the hearts of not only the common public but also the prim European aristocracy. Largely thanks to her, the name of the dwarf state became famous throughout the world.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Celebrity Kate Middleton and Prince William and Diana Princess Blue Sapphire Engagement ring

Kate Middleton waited ten long years to finally try on the role of the wife of Prince William, daughter-in-law of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, and the Duchess of Cambridge. The Queen of Great Britain dislikes the “simpleton” Kate (from a very rich, but not aristocratic family), but this does not prevent her from remaining a full member of the royal family.

Prince William proposed to Kate while on a trip to Kenya country. According to him, he carried the engagement ring in his backpack for about a week before he made the bride-to-be happy.

Well, what can you say? Probably, the heir to the throne was very in love and therefore reckless. After all, it was not a simple ring, but one of the masterpieces of the collection of his late mother, Princess Diana. This ring also called as most famous celebrity engagement ring!!

Celebrity Kate Middleton and her Mother Princess Diana- Blue Saphhire Engagement Ring

Blue Sapphire Floral Diamond Engagement Ring

The priceless Garrard ring with a grandiose blue sapphire framed with diamonds cannot but amaze! 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Before becoming the wife of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan was awarded. A magnificent ring with a luxurious African cushion cut diamond and two classic round diamonds from the Diana collection on the sides. This ring also called as Cushion Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring!!

The titled groom personally acted as a designer, and the Cleave and Company House created the ring according to his design.

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Husbands

Celebrity Elizabeth Taylor and Her Husbands - Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The gorgeous Liz can be considered the ancestor of the fashion. For luxurious jewelry and engagement rings of fabulous beauty and fantastic value. And Elizabeth Taylor had a lot of them: the actress was married eight times!

The first husband, one of the heirs of the Hilton Empire, pleased Liz with a quite worthy ring worth 10 thousand dollars. This is not a funny amount: remember about inflation.

However, the following Elizabeth engagement rings were much cooler:


  • Actor Michael Wilding. Magnificent ring with a luxurious 25 carat blue sapphire set with diamonds.
  • Produced by Michael Todd. This Celebrity engagement ring set with a 29 carat emerald cut diamond.
  • Actor Richard Burton. Luxurious ring with the purest 33 carat cushion cut diamond.

Burton’s gift became the movie star’s celebrity favorite ring: after Elizabeth’s death, the diamond got her name, and the jewel was sold for $ 8.8 million!

Of course, other husbands also delights the inimitable Elizabeth with luxurious engagement rings, but the most striking was the jewelry described above.

Paris Hilton and Grooms


If we have already mentions the Hilton family, it is worth saying a few words about the magnificent and scandalous Paris. Her difficult nature and ability to get into conflict situations have been repeatedly described in the tabloids.

Paris Hilton and Grooms - Emerald Cut with two two rectangular Diamond Engagement Ring

The secular lioness is not married to this day. But she is no stranger to the status of an official bride. There were many novels in her life, many ends with engagement and the donation of luxurious rings.

The most expensive Hilton engagement ring was presented by her long-time boyfriend – namesake, and Greek billionaire Paris Latsis. When the couple broke up, the ex-bride sold a ring with three diamonds (an emerald-cut central and two rectangular ones) for as much as $ 4.3 million!

The next Paris ring, already from actor Chris Zilka, was simpler: only two million for a luxurious drop or pear shaped diamond.

Now Paris has crossed the 40-year mark and more or less settled down. Her engagement was recently announced, this time to businessman Carter Reum. We hope that now the scandalous bride will nevertheless become a well-behaved wife!

The Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The owner of luxurious forms and heiress to an enviable fortune has never known problems with fans. At the moment, she was married three times, and the beauty Kim remains in her third marriage to this day.

The celebrity infamous rapper Kanye West became the happy chosen one Kim. He made a marriage proposal on an unrealistic scale: in a rented stadium, to an orchestra. At the same time, he gave the bride a real trinket – a ring with a very pure 15 carat diamond. A couple of years passed, and the rapper presented the chosen one with a ring with an even larger diamond. Unfortunately, this $ 8 million beauty from Kim was soon stolen from the hotel.

The Celebrity Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyoncé and Jay-Z - Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

By celebrity standards, the family life of Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z is surprisingly smooth. However, the star couple does not talk too much about the relationship, which offends both secular gossips and glossy journalists.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z did not announce their engagement, did not arrange a magnificent wedding, and hid the expectation of children. This couple confirms the truth: happiness loves silence.

Beyoncé's Emerald cut Diamond Engagement

But this does not stop Beyoncé from appearing in public with an engagement ring of incredible beauty since 2008. Lorraine Schwartz’s creation is set with an 18 carat emerald cut diamond of phenomenal clarity that pushes the jewelry up to $5 million.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias - Pear Cut Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Even though celebrity Anna Kournikova doesn’t win deafening victories in the sports field, she became famous all over the world. Anna is rightfully considers one of the most beautiful athletes of our time and even manages to catch the idol of girlish dreams – Enrique Iglesias.

Anna and Enrique have been together for over 20 years and have three children together. But the couple is not officially married. Well, the tennis player and the singer like to be the eternal bride and grooms, what can you do! Moreover, this romantic union is seals with a ring with a luxurious pear cut pink diamond ring weighing 11 carats and worth up to 6 million dollars.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias - Luxurious Pink Diamond Engagement ring

Fancy Colored Diamonds are sometimes prized above their colorless counterparts. Delicate Fancy Pink Diamonds look great and look more than appropriate in an Engagement Ring!!

Melania and Donald Trump

Trump - Melania Emerald cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Former US President and heir to a multibillion-dollar empire, Donald Trump has always been known as a subtle connoisseur of female beauty, so his hasty marriage to supermodel Melania Trump did not surprise anyone.

Melania and Donald Trump - Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

The official engagement ring is a 10 carat diamond by Graff. However, after several years, Trump made his dear spouse happy with an even more noticeable ring, with a 25 carat emerald cut clean diamond for three million dollars engagement ring!

Victoria and David Beckham

Victoria Beckham - Red Ruby - Green and Blue Sapphire engagement Rings

Recognizes style icon, former celebrity Peppercorn Girl, singer, model, designer, businesswoman, and just a beauty – all this is about the inimitable Victoria Beckham.

This beauty is the exemplary wife of the ex-star of British football and the mother of four children! This does not prevent her from passionately loving jewelry.

Although Victoria has only one official groom (later – spouse), the beauty has more than a dozen rings that can be considers engagement rings. And all with very large stones: sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​, and, of course, diamonds of different sizes and shades! Very pretty celebrity engagement rings, right?

But they are unbearable for the average budget. Don’t despair: you can always choose a simpler ring because the main thing is not the price of the gift. But the deep meaning that the loving groom puts into it!

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