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What is a Promise Ring? The Actual Meaning and Intention

What is a Promise Ring The Actual Meaning and Intention

We are all familiar with the Engagement ring, but what is this emerging trend among couples called the ‘promise ring’? This ring is given before engagement as a sign of devotion, love and connection. Now you will think that this has the same meaning as an engagement ring, right?

That’s right, only some couples aren’t ready for ‘the real thing’ yet, or don’t feel the need to put a label on the relationship. Still, many couples feel the need to make a promise to each other and show each other that it’s more than just dating. In addition, a promise ring comes without time pressure to get married. For years there has been such a thing as the promise ring or the love ring.

What makes a Promise Ring Mean to You?

A promise ring is donated to symbolize a promise that one person makes to another in good faith. In some situations, a promise ring is a messenger to an engagement ring. While this one symbolizes a promise to get married, a promise ring can also represent many other types of vows. Both men and women can present and wear a promise ring. This Love Rings can mean;

I will be faithful and return to you

I will make a specific promise to you

I will keep you secret

My feelings for you are serious

I love you

I intend to marry you, but I’m not ready to get engaged yet

I will keep my virginity for you

I will always be there for you

You are my one and only Valentine

I promise to replace this ring with a (larger) diamond as soon as I can afford it

Why are these rings so popular now?

“We have a fabulous time together, but we don’t observe the necessity to get wedded”. The quote above will probably sound familiar to you because it is becoming more and more common.

There are fewer and fewer people are getting married. This decrease mainly affects people under the age of fifty. People in their 20’s say they want to get married someday. This mainly happens in situations where the relationship is validated or because of the appearance of children or a wish to have children. In a conclusion, couples stay together longer without the use of an engagement ring, increasing the group eligible for a promise ring and making the offer more popular.

The most Popular Promise ring

There are also favorite ring styles for these rings. It can be a modern ring with several bands on top of each other, a vintage ring with colored stones or a ring with a letter. There are no rules for choosing a promise ring because everyone is different and therefore the choice or budget for the ring differs.

The most popular ring that is given is the eternity ring, also called a memoire or infinity ring. This ring consists of all equally sized stones placed next to each other in the same setting.

This makes the ring seem in harmony and a continuous line that will never stop. There are several options when putting together an eternity ring. You can choose to place the stones all over or half. In addition, you can decide for yourself which gemstones and which color you would like.

The Promise must be clear

The Promise must be clear

When giving a promise ring, it is important to communicate the specific meaning you are giving it. To avoid confusion and later misfortune, make sure the recipient understands what the symbol means for the two of you.

You may indeed aspire to give the ring with a notecard that means out the promise you are doing.

Give your partner a Promise ring

When you’ve found the perfect partner, you usually want to get married. However, not everyone has that desire: some people are fine with being together without getting married. Nevertheless, wearing a ring is and remains very nice.

Many men also like to see their girl have a ring on her finger that he gave her but to get married first… Not everyone likes that. In such a case, you give a love ring. You express your love for her and want her to look beautiful and wear something close to her that reminds her of your love every day.

Picking out a beautiful Promise ring

Picking out a beautiful Promise ring

You can choose a Promise ring together, but you can also make it a surprise. You often know what your partner likes. Although you’re not proposing, you can make it a beautiful moment. Ask her if she wants to be with you forever and seal your love with the Promise ring you bought. If your Budget is Good, and you want to Get Beautiful and Designer Promise Rings, then Checkout our Latest Collection.

When do you give a Promise ring?

Although the love ring is not the same as the engagement ring, you should not think too much about this.

A love ring can be given to you after you have been in a relationship with your partner for several years and have shown that you are suitable for each other and will be together for years to come. It is also wise to know if you want to start a family with your partner because a love ring is a kind of promise for the future: I am here for you.

Do Promise Rings and Engagement and Wedding Rings look different?

When a promise ring is given as a pre-engagement gift, it often bears a heart in the same metal as the ring. However, any ring can represent a promise, even those with small, modest gemstones. Pairs of Irish extraction can give and receive a treasure from traditional matching Claddagh rings.

Engagement rings tend to have a distinctive look and often include a diamond or other precious stone. Wedding rings are typically banded rings that can appear in a shiny or matte precious metal.

Both engagement rings and wedding bands are generally more expensive than promise rings and should be protected when travelling or replaced with an inexpensive replacement until you return home.

Most people wear the promise ring on the ring finger of their left hand.

When an engagement begins, the engagement ring is replaced and the promise ring can shift to the right hand. And if the promise ring is not a pre-engagement ring, it should be worn on the right hand.

Difference between Promise Ring and Engagement Ring

The differences between an engagement ring and a promise ring

Both rings are a symbol of love and devotion, only there are some bigger and smaller differences between these two rings. For example, an engagement ring is meant to eventually get married, while a promise ring – the name says it all – is given with a promise. This promise can have different meanings depending on the promise of the giver.

What do promise rings look like?

What do promise rings look like? Promise rings are normally tinier and less expensive than engagement rings. They frequently use valuable metals such as gold and silver. Promise rings and other collection rings can be diamond rings, such as this baguette ring, or gemstone rings, such as this sapphire ring. Some Love rings carry no special design characteristics at all, with a simple appearance that matches a wedding ring.

When a woman wears a ring on her middle finger what does it mean?

Unlike ring fingers, wearing a ring on the middle finger is intimate that a woman is not occupied or married.

Promise ring also for men?

Promise ring also for men

A promise can be made by and to anyone, so, a ring with a promise is also given to a man. Of course, these rings look different from the promise rings given to a woman.

These rings are often tougher, such as a signet ring or Rolex ring. In these rings, an engraving is often chosen because there is more space available. Examples of engravings are a pet name, promise, symbol, fingerprint or even an image.

Considering this, do men wear promise rings? The swift reply is that yes, men too wear promise rings.

What if they change their mind?

Promise rings of low value do not have to be returned, but the recipient may not want to keep a ring around if it evokes bad memories.

Do you have to return a promise ring?

If a promise is broken, it is appropriate to return the engagement ring just as a couple would return an engagement ring in the case of a broken engagement. If neither person has the ring it can be sold and the money split.

Where can you buy one?

Every jewelry store should be stocked with a variety of rings that can represent a promise ring.

If you shop around for a ring, let the seller try to convince you to spend more. Put in mind that this kind of jewelry should be reserved for both price and display.

Also, make sure to ask about a return policy in case things don’t work out. And if you don’t want to deal with sellers at all, you can buy a promise ring from Gemistone Jewelers. Just make sure you know the recipient’s ring size before placing an order.

If the ring is wide enough, the giver may be able to have a name or initials engraved or a few words that sum up the promise. It then becomes unreturnable, however.

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