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Whether you are interested in diamonds as an investment or because you want to put together a special jewel, given the price of diamonds can quickly reach thousands of euros, it is certainly worth informing yourself well before purchasing. What defines the value of a loose diamond? How do you recognize a high quality diamond? Who can guarantee the quality of a diamond if you are not an expert yourself? Where can you buy loose diamonds at the best price without sacrificing quality?

What is the Loose Diamond?

A diamond symbolizes purity and strength. It is the most difficult material that exists on earth. When a diamond is mined, it is described a rough. It goes through a mapping and cutting process to craft the best shape from the rough. Diamonds are available in different shapes, qualities, colors, and sizes.

What is the Loose diamonds

Rough diamonds are cut expertly by machines to ensure that the most suitable color, sparkle, and facets shine through. Once it’s done, they are polished to perfection and are ready to be used to craft jewelry.

This loose diamonds are sold by both wholesalers and retailers around the world. Loose diamonds are available in all various carat weights and qualities. So when buying a diamond, it is possible to find a loose diamond for every budget and choice. It can be found in the classic white color as well as fancy colors like white, pink, yellow, and even rarer and valuable colors like blue and red.

Loose diamonds are gem quality diamonds that have not to be set in jewelry like an engagement ring, diamond pendant, or diamond stud earrings. But consumers can buy loose diamonds too.

A diamond symbolizes purity and strength. It is the most difficult material that exists on earth. Diamonds are available in different shapes, qualities, colors, and sizes. Are you looking for the Perfect Diamond? Do you know what you want…for yourself or your client? The perfect combination of the 4C’s cut carat, color, and clarity, but at Gemistone Jewelers is very attractive price and a reliable address. Then we invite you to read on. Loose Diamonds we love are happy to help you to make your wish come true and to obtain this perfect gemstone, which meets all your requirements.

4 C’s Diamond:-

4Cs Diamond

This basic knowledge will not only bring you a lot of clarity about the quality of a loose diamond, but it will also help you to understand the value and price of a diamond.

Diamond Color: In most diamonds, this refers to the absence of color. The less color there is in the stone, the more valuable it is. Attention, not everything is visible to the naked or untrained eye.

Diamond Clarity: Measure the amount of internal and external characteristics. This can range from ‘flawless’ (no imperfections) to ‘included’ (still several imperfections).

Diamond Cut: Is not about the shape of the diamond but the cut. The brilliance is partly determined by the cut of the stone. It can change from ‘excellent’ to ‘poor’.

Diamond Carat: Displays the weight of the diamond. In common, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone. However, two diamonds of the same carat weight can differ greatly in quality and price when one considers the three other C’s.

Buying a loose diamond, as an investment or as part of a diamond jewel such as an engagement ring, you do not do without the necessary basic knowledge about diamonds. You must know the different cuts, the quality characteristics of carat weight, purity, color, and cut quality. And don’t forget the diamond certificate when buying a loose diamond.

Cut of Loose Diamonds

One of the most striking features of a diamond is undoubtedly its cut. The cut is therefore one of the first choices you have to make if you want to buy a loose diamond. It is a personal choice based on your preference. Each cut has its charm, but the round brilliant is the absolute favorite for many jewelry lovers because of its unparalleled brilliance.

75% of all diamonds are brilliant cut. This timeless popularity also makes the classic brilliant a good investment choice. The range of round brilliant diamonds in diamond shops is usually very wide, making it easier to find a stone that exactly meets your needs. However, if you are tired of the round brilliant diamond or just want something different, you will undoubtedly find your preference in the wide range of other very beautiful cuts.

Finally, note that the price of a diamond is slightly dependent on its cut. For instance, an emerald diamond of the same weight and quality will usually be more economical than a similar round brilliant.

Most Popular Loose Diamonds Cut:-

In history, diamonds were mainly brilliant cut. In recent years, however, there has been a trend that other sharpening variants are increasing in popularity, including heart-shaped cut and teardrop cut.

Diamond Cut

Round Cut

The most classic and economical choice for jewelry, round diamonds are commonly purchased to be set in solitaire pendants, for earrings, or in an engagement ring.

Round brilliant loose diamonds are recommended as their 58 sides allow for light to reflect light out and create dazzling sparkle.

Brilliant cut

Brilliant cut diamonds are round cut gemstones with 57 facets, also called faces. Because of the cut, gemstones with this cutting style have an unprecedented brilliance.

Princess Cut

The princess cut diamonds is known for their square shape with equal faces. This cut is often used for weddings, engagement, and friendship rings.

Emerald Cut

An emerald cut diamond is square or rectangular. The corner points are ground with this cut. This produces a unique effect. In recent times, this cut has quickly gained popularity.

Trillion Cut

This cut is known for its triangular shape. This gemstone shape is extremely popular and is nowadays regularly used for gemstone rings from Gemistone Jewelers.

Cushion Cut

As the name suggests, pillow-cut gemstones are shaped like a pillow. The edges are polished and this gives gemstones with this cut a unique character.

Oval Cut Diamond

Diamonds with an oval shape have a classic look. In addition, this cut is ideal for giving the gemstone a unique look. Oval cut gemstones are therefore popular.

Pear Shaped diamond

Drop-cut gemstones are also called pear-shaped gems. The typical teardrop shape gives a special character to a gemstone such as a diamond.

Heart Shape Cut

In recent years, the demand for heart shape cut gemstones has risen rapidly. A gemstone with this cut is associated with romance and passion. As a result, Gemistone Jewelers has a large collection of gemstone jewelry with this cut.

Quality of Loose Diamonds

The higher the quality of a diamond, the more beautiful, rarer, and more expensive it will be. The most important factor that determines the value of a loose diamond is without a doubt the carat weight. Larger diamonds are less common in nature. The quality factor that has the most influence on the beauty of a loose diamond is undoubtedly the cut quality of the stone.

This largely determines how the diamond reflects the incident light. Finally, the quality is also determines by the purity (brightness) and color of the loose diamond. Which quality you will ultimately choose when purchasing a loose diamond will mainly be determined by the budget you want to invest.

Buy Diamonds with Certificate

When you buy a valuable diamond as an investment or for a piece of jewelry, the diamond you buy must have a GIA or AGSL certificate. A GIA or AGSL certificate is the only guarantee you have about the quality of the diamond. Without a GIA or AGSL certificate, you buy a cat in a bag; you blindly trust the word of the seller. Only with GIA or AGSL certified diamonds can you be 100% sure that the quality of the stone corresponds to what is claimes.

Buying diamonds without a diamond certificate is strongly discouraged. But also diamonds with a certificate issued by lesser known labs are very difficult to trust because very many labs apply less strict quality standards in the assessment of diamonds and can also be very inconsistent in assigning their grades. When purchasing an expensive diamond, you prefer to play it safe and limit your choice to GIA or AGSL certified diamonds. For this, you usually have to go to a Gemistone Online store.

Do you want to buy loose diamonds for sale or Jewelry with Diamonds?

We also deal with this. For example, we sell loose diamonds wholesale, with or without a certificate.

We also have a large stock of classy diamond jewelry. You will find a selection of this offer on our Gemistone online website, but feel free to stop by to discover even more. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful products for an equally attractive price. Our new, vintage, and antique jewelry are affordable.

Where To Buy Loose Diamonds

While the value of a loose diamond unequivocally depends on its quality and economic conditions, the price can vary greatly from place to place and from trader to trader. So it is worth looking around a bit instead of buying at the nearest diamond shop. You will undoubtedly find the economical prices for GIA and AGSL certified diamonds at the famous online shop – Gemistone Jewelers.

The widest selection of certified diamonds can be found at Gemistone Jewelers. Your Wish is Unique! It requires customization, you don’t have to do anything more. We will look for the perfect diamond that meets your customization requirements at the best possible price.

For more information about diamonds see our education page here. Diamond Education

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