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How to Choosing Gold for your Jewelry?

How to Choosing Gold for your Jewelry

Gold is a precious metal with an unlimited shelf life and high quality. For many centuries, this alloy has been keeping its price with dignity and has not lost its popularity. The simplest method to check for purity is to view for hallmarking. A hallmarked item of Gold jewelry indicates the correct dimension of the metal.

Beautiful jewelry is made of gold or metal, and it is also a good investment for capital accumulation. It is generally accepted that the higher the fineness of gold, the better it is; in fact, high-fineness alloys do not differ in super strength and can deform over time. So which gold should you choose?

What color of Gold should you choose?

The color of a precious metal largely depends on the amount of added impurities in its alloy (ligature), since it is very soft, and it will not work to make jewelry out of pure gold. If more silver is added to the alloy, then it acquires a lemon hue, if copper is slightly reddish. Regardless of the color of the gold item, the cost can be the same, since the ligature contains the same amount of precious metal. Regardless of the color, it has medicinal properties:

  • Improves brain function
  • Helps to get rid of allergies
  • Relieves swelling and inflammation
  • It has an advantageous impact on the nervous system
  • It has a positive effect on memory and metabolic processes in the body
  • Increases immunity and blood pressure

No additional procedures are required for treatment, and this makes gold more preferable when compared to other precious metals. The only condition is to wear it constantly.

White Gold

White gold does not exist in nature, it is artificially created. Nickel, palladium, platinum or rhodium is added to the alloy to give a cold tint, and then the product is bleached. Due to the high costs for the production of ligatures, the price of white gold is much higher, and products made from it are elite jewelry.

The alloy has special properties; it is strong, plastic, wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, and not afraid of contact with reagents. The presence of white metal jewelry has always been considered an indicator of a high position in society. The variations between 14k and 18k white gold go behind purity, reaching endurance: Because 18-karat white gold is actually soft and flexible, 14-karat white gold is often thought a more suitable choice.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has not lost its popularity over the centuries, as it has several advantages. Its reasonable cost makes the metal more affordable and attractive; it has a long service life. Products from a yellow alloy do not require the addition of precious stones and an antioxidant coating.

It possesses a bright, saturated color, which gives the products a sunny shine, which will not fade for many years. It goes well with any outfit, jewelry and skin type. While more costly than silver, white gold and yellow gold are of much greater quality. Additionally, if you choose the appearance of platinum, white gold is a similar-looking option that is much more economical in price.

Rose Gold

In ancient times, red gold was used for minting coins; today, relatively inexpensive jewelry is made from it. But the cost does not affect the beauty and quality of the yellow metal jewelry. Products made from Rose gold over the years do not lose their shape, shine and do not fade.

The alloy does not lend itself to deformation, has durability, increased strength and healing properties. The strength and flexibility of metal allow jewelers to create real works of art. Rose gold jewelry can look great with both warm and cool skin tones alike, suiting those with olive and pink undertones to perfection. You can also Explore Gemistone’s Latest and Designer Rose Gold Engagement Rings Collections!!

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver should be stamped with. 925 or 925, meaning it’s 92.5% pure silver. Anything with more limited silver content than that may not keep its genuine color. If no stamp is evident, be assured you believe the jeweler from whom you are purchasing; otherwise, see elsewhere.

Always verify the purity of the silver before you purchase. So, to cover, there is no variation within the sessions sterling silver and 925 sterling silver, yet, the criteria of sterling silver may vary depending on the country it arrives from.

You can wear sterling silver daily, but you must do so accurately. Regular wear limits premature smearing just if you avoid wearing it when engaging in particular activities. Check out our 925 Sterling Silver Rings Collections!!

Eastern or European Gold?

Popular Turkish gold is gradually losing its reputation because it has stopped adding silver. And due to the high content of copper in the alloy, the product begins to darken after short-term wear, has a weak resistance to atmospheric influences. Turkish jewelers have reduced the price of their products because of the love of Russian tourists for rose gold, which noticeably affected the quality.

In Japan, jewelry is made only of pure gold. Such products are considered family heirlooms; they are worn only on special occasions and are inherited.

Italian gold is highly valued, since 750-carat metal is used for jewelry, and the products are durable and beautiful. In our country, the most practical and widespread is gold 375 and 585, but in quality, it is not inferior to European metal.

How to choose by sample?

There are seven metric samples:

  • 375 – It contains 37.5% gold and 62.5% silver and copper impurities. The price of jewelry made from this alloy is much lower, but it tends to darken and stain the skin, as formations of iron sulfide appear on the surface.
  • 500 – It is rarely used for making jewelry, contains 50% gold and the same amount of copper and silver impurities.
  • 585 – It complies with European standards; products have an acceptable cost and high wear resistance.
  • 750 – It is made with silver and platinum admixtures. To achieve a variety of shades, jewelers add additional metals. The ratio of impurities to gold increases brightness gives jewelry the desired color and hardness.
  • 958 – It is rarely used for jewelry as it is soft and has a dull color.
  • 999 – It items made of gold of this test are soft, there is a tendency to deformation, therefore it is rarely used for making jewelry. Most often, ingots and granules are made from it.
  • Gold 750 is produced by China, lower quality – by Turkey. Italian, Russian and Arabian gold is prized.

Gold bullion

Today, the popularity of investing in gold bars has grown; it is a reliable way to invest in an unstable economy, and also helps to make money. The bars are produced by the high requirements of the English Precious Metals Association. There are two kinds of gold bars:


They are sold on the territory of Russia and contain 99.9% of gold, respectively; the fineness of such a metal is 999. The maximum weight of an ingot is 1 kg, but the length, width, and thickness are different. The surface of the ingot is stamped with the manufacturer’s number and a trademark that indicates its authenticity. A quality certificate is attached to the ingot.


It is manufactured under the strictest control and by international standards. Has the shape of a pyramid, without impurities. The ingot is marked with the number, fineness and mark of the plant. The weight of such an ingot is 11-13 kg and is sold to processing plants.

There are two methods of making gold bars: casting and stamping. The first, cheaper, is used for casting large ingots. The second method is expensive and with its help ingots, up to 0.5 kg are made.

What Kind of Gold shouldn’t you choose?

High-quality gold jewelry has a corresponding brand and although it costs decently, their reputation has been tested by time, which cannot be said about gold. Although the items from Turkey have a high standard, it does not correspond to reality, since there is a small percentage of gold in them. Such jewelry can crack, and after a short period, the top gold layer is erased, and copper usually appears under it. This gold stains the skin and can cause allergies.

Quality products undergo external and internal processing, which is confirmed by the corresponding information on the tag. Therefore, it is better to buy gold in special jewelry stores, which will save you from purchasing low-quality metal. Poor quality products often cause health problems.

Gold jewelry should be smooth, smooth and polished. If accidentally dropped on a hard surface, it will emit a clear and sonorous sound. When choosing gold jewelry, you need to be careful to avoid stress and disappointment later.

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