What Does a Black Diamond Engagement Ring signify?

For a special occasion like an engagement, you will of course want a diamond engagement ring. All diamonds are connected with purity, honesty, love, loyalty, and faithfulness. Then, each diamond Color has its unique meaning. Black diamonds are connected with potential, charisma, stability, authenticity, and creativity. When done in an engagement ring, black diamonds are also correlated with strong emotion.

Do you also know the black diamonds?

You can hardly find this rare black gemstone anywhere, but at Gemistone you can have this black stone incorporated into your engagement ring.

This is how you give meaning to your relationship with black diamonds. A ring with a black gemstone: a unique piece of jewelry with which you will share your life.

Black diamonds: rare and special

Black diamonds are very rare. This black stone, called Carbonado, has only been found in two places on Earth: in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Black gemstone is as old as the earth and this gives the black diamond meaning, namely that of eternal love. The black stone originates deep in the earth, about 140–190 kilometres below the earth’s surface.

How does a black diamond get its Color?

The Color of black diamond is created by the number of imperfections in the stone, also called inclusions, which make the stone completely opaque. The many inclusions make the black gemstone more fragile.

Diamond engagement ring with black Gemstone

Many young people getting engaged choose our white gold with the diamond engagement ring. A black diamond may not be the most obvious choice, but you do have something very special in your hands with it. You can also combine the black and white diamonds into an extra special white gold with a diamond ring, in which the black gemstone comes into its own.

At Gemistone, in addition to white gold, you can choose from gold, Rose gold, sterling silver and platinum as the base material for your Black diamond engagement ring. The white and/or black stone can be processed in various ways by our expert goldsmiths. For example, choose a tension setting, leg setting or a closed setting. The pavé/multi setting is also an option when you choose a ring with these black gemstones.

The shape of the black diamond

Besides the setting of the stones in an engagement ring white gold with diamond, the shape of the black stone is also important for the final result. In addition, the shape of the black diamond gives meaning to the ring. At Gemistone you can choose from different shapes in which the black gemstone is cut:

  • Round and oval shapes: round, oval, sphere, or cushion
  • Angular shapes: square, emerald or the trillion
  • Pointed shapes, such as pear or marquise-shaped

Black diamond Meaning

Many people assign meaning to the black diamond. An engagement ring in white gold with a diamond symbolizes eternal love, beauty, wealth and strength. A black stone stands for safety, security and tranquillity. A diamond engagement ring with a black gemstone is therefore a perfect start to a long-lasting love relationship.

At Gemistone we believe that everyone deserves a unique engagement ring, whether it’s a simple platinum piece of jewelry or a dainty white gold and diamond ring. Our specialized jewelry designers are happy to work with you to create a unique black diamond engagement ring.

Choose from the designs on our website or supply your design, which we will develop into your perfect diamond engagement ring with Black gemsrones.

Craftsmanship and passion

At Gemistone, professionals work with a passion for making personalized jewelry. Each white gold and diamond engagement ring is made with love and the black gemstone is cut in the shape you want. We make our jewelry in our workshop. We work exclusively to order and make every ring with a black diamond to measure.

Top materials

Our innovative goldsmiths use the best materials for the perfect diamond engagement ring. Every Gemistone black diamonds have been won fairly.

We also take people and the environment into account when purchasing precious metals at Gemistone. This way you can purchase your white gold with diamond ring with confidence without the black diamond losing meaning.

Buy an engagement ring with a black diamond at Gemistone

At Gemistone you can easily put together your engagement ring, or our artisan jewelry designers and goldsmiths will work with you to create the perfect ring with black diamond. You do not pay shipping costs and you have a 30-day right to return your order (unless it is a custom design). So give meaning to your love with an black diamond engagement ring.

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