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Round Black Diamonds
Round Black Diamonds at an Worthy Cost
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Emerald Black Diamonds at an Worthy Cost
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Pear Black Diamonds at an worthy cost
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Princess Black Diamonds at an Worthy Cost
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Marquise Black Diamonds at an worthy cost
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Calibrated Black Diamonds at an Worthy Cost

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Gemistone Owns Its Absolute Diamonds Quality

Whatever jewelry you are looking for, at Gemistone you have come to the right place. You can order all jewellery items easily and quickly on the official Gemistone Diamond web shop. Only here you are guaranteed the complete range of jewelry and the best advice. Gemistone prides itself that each piece of jewellery is made by hand. Therefore, each item is individual, each piece has a heart.

Gemistone jewelers are a leader in making unisex jewelry items, meaning they are worn by both men and women. Here you will find a wide selection of engagement and wedding rings that are in high demand among today’s young couples. In this complete collection, you will find a wide range of sterling silver, gold (rose gold, white gold, yellow gold) jewelry, including real luxury diamonds such as pink, yellow, blue, green, brown and black colors.

Quality Factor

Craftsmanship is the core of any company, Here is also at the core of Gemistone’s premium jewellery. From the design process to development, a team of designers, developers and artisans work together as a Great Jewelers to create the finished piece. Whether it’s a Diamonds, a ring, a bracelet or a necklace, every item is the result of a large and accurate process including artistic minds, infinite patience and very calm hands. And finally, the pieces are connected unitedly and the shining piece of jewelry reveals like a marvelous flower. So when you look at your Gemistone rings, bracelets or necklaces, remember how much love and dedication has gone into the making of it, you will appreciate and cherish it even more!

Why Choose Gemistone?

Gemistone is known for its exclusive collection of gold and silver jewelry. With this well-known rule, you are guaranteed a bit of jewelry that is strong at the same time and has the greatest potential silver or gold content.

In addition, we only sell handmade jewelry by our honest workers, no exception. Most of the jewelry is produced by our highly regarded artisans in Surat, Gujarat, where the Gemistone jewelry was once made. Nowadays we have several specialists working for us in India. Our Skilled goldsmiths or true artists in weaving leather, all Diamond or Jewelry lovers of their trade. Because only with passion are the most beautiful handmade jewelry produced.

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